Have the Confidence to Meet and Chat with Others

Having the confidence to meet and chat with others is all about good communication. While many people think of communication as verbal speaking, which is important, much of communication that the brain recognizes between human is non-verbal gestures, facial expressions, and body posture. Improving both verbal and non-verbal communication can improve you confidence to chat with others, your love life, and even work to improve customer service.

One of the most important nonverbal signals people notice when they chat with others is eye contact. Looking someone in the eye while they are talking demonstrates your sincerity and interest in what they have to say. People who avoid eye contact while they chat with others, however, are viewed as sneaky and guilty. Also, it is surprising how many people chat with others and do not face the person they are talking to. This can have the same effect as eye contact, making the person believe you don’t respect or have time for them. These techniques are often taught at employee training as easy ways to improve customer service.

The obvious thing to pay attention to when trying to chat with others confidently is the verbal speaking part. Your nonverbal cues, while important, mean nothing if you can’t back them up with words. It is important to recognize that sentences all have key words that stand out. When you chat with others, try annunciating these words to better communicate your message. This is also used to improve customer service in businesses by avoiding misunderstanding between customers and employees.

Photo Credit: Pepe Pont

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