I Spy Chinese Mandarin Teaching Jobs

As China has emerged into a growing economic and industrial nation, there is current potential for new business, industrial, technical, environmental, and scientific jobs. There is also a vacuum created for services that require translators and teachers. There has been a rising need for those fluent in Mandarin to teach others worldwide this valuable skill, and there are tons of opportunities for learning.

For parents and educators, the need for Mandarin teachers has also become apparent to assist children, pupils and youth in preparation for their future. A growing number of elementary as well as secondary schools across the country offer standard Chinese programs in their schools today. Chinese immersion courses, Chinese Mandarin lessons, and Chinese culture studies are included now as part of many curriculums. Credentialed bi-lingual teachers will have no difficulty to find jobs teaching Chinese at schools nationwide. The Mandarin Immersion Parents Council Website provides a list of Mandarin Immersion Schools all over the country, giving you a heads up on where to look for job opportunities.

To find out what the teaching qualifications are in your state, Teach.org offers all the details you need to know about what is required and what those requirements mean, as well as how to get them. This detailed, easy to use site is perfect if you’re looking to get into teaching and are unsure if you’re qualified.

CLTA, the Chinese Language Teachers Association, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has an excellent online database listing opportunities for teaching Chinese around the country and can be used as a useful tool for those looking to use their Mandarin skills to teach.

Using other job search sites are also beneficial, and School Spring offers a great list of listings for both teachers and tutors.

Most major cities in the U.S. have a Chinese Cultural Center which supports the performing arts, supports the preservation of Chinese culture, and offers language classes. Besides offering Chinese lessons for both adults and children wanting to learn the Chinese language, teachers looking to find jobs teaching Chinese may apply at the center. Look for more details on how to get involved at the Chinese Cultural Center in your area.

You can also take a look at LRNGO for opportunities to post your skills as a Mandarin tutor so that those searching for one will have access to your page. With LRNGO, you will even have the opportunity to teach globally via video chat and teach classes on the web. LRNGO is a great place to post your skills as it is accessed by thousands of users in over 200 countries!

If you’re looking to use your teaching skills to travel, International School Jobs includes job postings from all over the world to help connect those in the US and UK with opportunities to teach elsewhere in the world.

Photo Credit: James Whatley

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