Keep an Eye On These Hindi Learning Resources

Hindi is a rich and beautiful language, and the culture and traditions surrounding the language make it all the more meaningful. Learning Hindi can be a challenge, as it is an extremely complicated and nuanced dialect, but with enough study and dedication, the language could become part of your skill set. If you’re interested in learning Hindi, there are a number of resources available to you that can help the process along, for free. You have the power to learn, so take the leap and start practicing.

Language Exchange Partner

Learning with an actual human being is beneficial when it comes to languages, as they are able to learn how you learn and can therefore cater lessons to fit your skills and needs. Not only this, but by working with native speakers in particular, you will have access to tons of cultural information so that you can understand the language beyond its structure. The idea is that we can all teach, so why not teach each other instead of paying for a tutor? Of course, you can connect with a language exchange partner for free at sites like LRNGO.


HindiPod101 is a good place to go if you’re looking for basic vocabulary. The goal is for you to master ten Hindi words in each three-minute lesson, significantly strengthening your vocabulary in a short amount of time.

hindiuniversity is a non-profit project from Washington DC whose goal it is to bring Hindi to learners. Videos span a variety of topics, focusing on writing and conversation while using a lecture format.

Anil Mahato’s channel is jam-packed with useful videos for learners. From jokes to mathematics and everything in between, this channel is a great place to go if you’re looking for variety in your Hindi education.

Online Exercises

Mindur Hindi has plenty of different, valuable resources on its site for Hindi learners, most notably an exercise section so that you can test your progress and identify where you need to practice most.

The University of Texas at Austin Hindi Urdu Flagship has created an awesome place to find free worksheets ranging from crosswords to grammar checks on a free PDF format.

Anil Mahato remember our YouTube friend here? Well not only is his channel a great place for learners to go, but his website is also top notch and useful. You’ll find, amongst the cultural and learning-centric material, online exercises for you to get practicing what you learned in his videos.


HindiPod101 is a good place to go if you want to have a better grip on the basics, from phrases to vocabulary. All podcasts are available free on iTunes, making them easily accessible wherever you go.

Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies is the place to be for fans of Bollywood films. Listen to podcasts as they relate to Bollywood films and strengthen your listening skills and vocabulary by listening to something you enjoy.

Other Sites

Hindi 101 has great links to Hindi news and radio sites, as well as helpful tools like a Hindi keyboard and useful phrase list.

Learning Hindi offers over one hundred free Hindi lessons—for free. Start at the intro level and work your way up to more complicated grammar!

Linguanaut offers basic vocabulary and phrase lists, as well as helpful search options for tutors and human translation services.

With all of these resources just waiting to be used, you have all you need to start your Hindi education today!

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