Knowing Danish Gets You Places

What opportunities and positions exist for an experienced Danish teacher at international language schools today? Teaching opportunities have expanded as more individuals have taken to living, working and studying in countries other than their country of origin. As the ability and desire to travel has become more attainable, so have jobs for those who know various languages. If you’re an experienced Danish teacher, not only do you have opportunities for employment in Denmark, you’ll find that the opportunities expand across the globe. Those who are non-native Danish speakers seeking teaching positions in Denmark should be aware that a proficiency in Danish is a requirement in order to communicate and teach fully.

Whether you’re a native speaker or are in the process of learning Danish, there are opportunities worldwide for you to put your skills and knowledge to work.

A native Danish teacher is oftentimes the best tutor, so take a look at teaching and tutoring opportunities abroad. For those Danes seeking overseas employment outside of Denmark, Danish teaching positions are available in Asia, the USA, UK, EU, and other Scandinavian countries. LRNGO allows you to post your information to offer tutoring and class sessions both in person or to any interested student across the globe via video chat.

Denmark attracts thousands of international visitors each year to its scenic and historic capital of Copenhagen. In addition, numerous expatriates from around the world live and work there, giving the city ample opportunity for providing translation and teaching jobs.

If you’re a native English speaker who is familiar with Danish, consider teaching ESL in Denmark! Teaching ESL abroad gives you an opportunity to improve your own language skills, travel, have an income, and help others. Blog About ESL has provided excellent, detailed information on the benefits of teaching ESL in Denmark and the ways to make this dream a reality. They recommend looking to international schools and language school for job openings and providing private tutoring services to supplement.

Whatever your native language, you can find a variety of jobs right in Denmark by making use of online job listings. Take a look at websites such as ProfilJob, JobBank, and Eures and search for local opportunities to teach, translate, or do other types of work. Local newspapers and professional magazines are also good places to take a look at.

If you feel like you’d be interested in working in Denmark in the future but need more foundational Danish skills, start working on strengthening your Danish by connecting with a language exchange partner and making use of online resources, and before you know it, you’ll have the foundational skills necessary to teach ESL abroad and communicate with Danish speakers.

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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