Learn Punjabi With a Teacher

Undisputedly, learning Punjabi, like learning any language, is made far simpler with the help of a teacher. Punjabi, although it is a current language, is not widely spoken worldwide. This narrows down the number of language schools or colleges with Punjabi courses, but it only enhances the potential to find available tutors for Punjabi. Choosing an excellent Punjabi teacher will greatly impact your study, as the guidance of a well-versed teacher combined with your determination to learn will provide a strong jumping off point into the language.

Also known as Gurumukhi, Punjabi is mostly spoken in Pakistan and parts of India. It is not the national language of either republic, so it is only commonly spoken in the certain regions of India and Pakistan where it is a primary dialect. This is where Punjabi tutors would be easiest to find.

This doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck if you don’t happen to live in those regions. Although there are tutors for Punjabi that live in the Western hemisphere, many tutors for Punjabi also simply advertise their services online, and since they live a distance from their pupils, they teach via online lesson plans, live chat, email and messaging. So even though there may be quite a distance between you and your teacher, you will still be able to stay connected and work together easily.

Though finding Punjabi tutors in your area may prove to be a bit of a challenge, you should seek them out, you never know who you may stumble upon. Look at your city’s classified ads, phone directories and online listings to see if anyone is reaching out their services.

The tutors for Punjabi you will choose from should come highly recommended, and when possible be a certified or licensed teacher of Punjabi as a second language. It is helpful to have regular face time with your teacher, where you can direct your questions, receive answers, have classes from individualized lesson plans, have the complexities of Punjabi grammar explained to you, and practice your vocabulary, accent, and conversation skills, so be sure to make time in your schedule to work with them regularly.

Working with a tutor or teacher cannot be where your study ends. If you are serious about learning Punjabi, it is important to work with the language on your own as well as with a teacher. Read books or watch movies in Punjabi, watch YouTube learning videos, and check out Punjabi learning websites in your free time to make sure that you are getting plenty of exposure to the language.

Above all, succeed in learning Punjabi by being consistent. With or without the use of tutors for Punjabi learning, be persistent, dedicated, and determined and you will come to master Punjabi!

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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