Learn to be More Confident and Meet People

A surprising percent of the global public in the technologically advanced world we live in feel deficient in one of the most basic social skills: how to meet people and get to know them, to interact with strangers on a day to day basis.

It sounds simple enough to step out and chat with others while on your way to work and back, while running errands or simply going about your weekly routine. But if you routinely freeze up when you attempt to meet people, whether they are total strangers or new work or social acquaintances with whom you need to develop a relationship, you are not alone.

Stumped about where to start to meet people? LRNGO.com and other online social sites are not the only place.

A great way to begin is to jump out of your box and try to meet people outside of your regular routine. For example, on your next day off vow not to touch your computer, not to stay inside your usual hideaway, instead to go out and chat with others that you run into over the course of your day.

Or, make an effort to chat with others who you do commonly run into, but customarily avoid conversations with: work mates, the delivery person, an assistant at a shop you frequent, the manager of your favorite restaurant, etc. You’ll find many of them are also looking to meet people and you may find yourself meeting a lifelong friend or partner through a simple encounter.

Some find it helpful to take a class or buy a book on being assertive. This can greatly multiply the ways you meet people, even completely change your outlook and in turn your personality, stimulating your boldness to get out and meet people who may in turn significantly enhance your life.

Photo Credit: Chris & Karen Highland

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