Mastering the Sanskrit Language

It is possible, and you can do it. You can master the Sanskrit courses if you are willing to put sufficient time, energy and perseverance into it. If you have decided that Sanskrit is the language for you, then you will have to acknowledge the dedication and commitment needed to learn a language, and if you feel satisfied with your position on the topic, then there is nothing standing in your way from learning the language.

As you embark on this journey you will find various Sanskrit courses and tutors available for you to use, and it can be difficult to figure out which of these paths is right for you. It is important to get involved with some sort of structured class, online course, or tutor in order to learn the language to its fullest extent, and working with a human being as opposed to a computer is beneficial. It is a good idea to utilize the help of a teacher to get you over those initial humps of comprehending a new language’s basic make up and patterns, and past the toughest part of the language learning process. It is also advisable to research your materials and purchase a Sanskrit courses that comes highly recommended and has a good success rate. You can often test out a course with a free trial, in which case you should try it out before committing to see if the learning style works well for you. Even if you choose an online course, try to devote some of your time to interacting with fluent speakers so that you get the most out of your language learning.

True, learning Sanskrit is no easy task! The fact that it is an ancient language and rarely used does not lend itself to ease of study or possibilities for emersion. But don’t despair; there are countless fluent Sanskrit speakers, many of whom are trained in teaching a second language, with numerous quality Sanskrit courses for you to choose from.

You can find some courses at American Sanskrit Institute , and find others through a simple online search, connect with a tutor using sites like Tuition India (keeping in mind that you can always ask about video chat options), and use the free site Learn Sanskrit as a tool to help you learn on your own. You could also connect with a language exchange partner through LRNGO and use your skills to teach in exchange for Sanskrit lessons.

It is important to work with the option that feels right to you. With the right guidance and some determination on your part, you will be on your way to knowing Sanskrit in no time.

Photo Credit: Romana Klee

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