On the Hunt for Spanish Lessons in Mississauga

Mississauga: originally a beautiful suburb of Toronto, now Canada’s 6th largest city. But you are not here to here learn about Mississauga (“DON’T DOUBT THE TROUT!”). You are here to solve a specific problem. What follows are my suggestions to finding good resources for your Mississauga Spanish learning needs.

General Tips

  • Before you do anything else, contact your friends and ask for suggestions. Trust me; It will save you a ton of time and worry if you are able to get referred to a highly recommended tutor.

  • Contact local public schools: John Fraser Secondary Elementary School; Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School; Lorne Park Secondary School; etc. Often times these institutions will have lists of approved tutors that will allow you to see even if you or your child does not attend these institutions.

  • I read another post on this site that recommended you become highly attuned to flyers. That’s great advice. Scour the downtown area for any and all flyers. Pay attention to the ads on your mailbox. There is a very specific reason why I recommend this. From my experience, the majority of the people who post ads around the city are just starting out as tutors. In other words, they need to advertise their services to be able to create a large enough client base. I have also found that these newer tutors generally have the most enthusiasm and passion for teaching. Of course, this is just in my experience, so it obviously won’t hold true for all cases. There is certainly something to be said for an experienced tutor who has been offering Spanish lessons for the past thirty years. All I am saying is that you should not write off the lesser known tutors just because they don’t have the same impressive credentials. I personally believe the most important thing you can do in helping your child (or yourself) become a successful Spanish speaker is become excited and enthusiastic about the subject. Bold, high minded newbies are perfect for that.

Sites to Check Out:

Photo Credit: Joe deSousa

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