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Interested in learning Romanian? The language is most prominent it Romania and Moldova, but has speakers scattered around various other countries. With native Romanian speakers numbering at about 24 million worldwide, along with approximately 4 million second language speakers, there are ample opportunities to learn the language and add to that 4 million!

Reaching proficiency in a foreign language takes a few singular qualities: drive, commitment, and determination, to name a few. If you feel up to the challenge, then all you need now is a way to achieve your goal. There are a variety of ways you can learn Romanian, and it is often best to combine the different resources out there and gain a rounded understanding of the language as a whole.

Take a Class

If you function best in a classroom setting, consider doing your research on Romanian classes near you, perhaps at your local college, or online. Not all colleges have the option of Romanian courses, so you may have to fall back on the online option. Finding the right class is an important part of your learning, so be sure to read plenty of reviews and try any free trials offered before committing to a course.

Hire a Tutor

This is an excellent option as face-to-face practice is extremely important in any language study. You can check out local classifieds or turn to established tutoring sites like WyzAnt, which posts ads for tutors available both in person or through video chat. The site even includes available tutors’ hours of tutoring experience so you’ll be sure to work with an experienced tutor.

Connect with a Language Exchange Partner

If you would like to learn Romanian without the price tag, then this is the option for you. Because face-to-face learning and practice is so important when it comes to languages, this is an excellent alternative to a hired tutor while still getting the benefits. The idea is that we all have something to learn, as well as things we can teach, so instead of exchange dollar bills for a Romanian lesson, why not exchange your time and teach your partner something you know? Heck, you could even teach English or any other native language whose ability for you to teach you may take for granted. As you probably know, sites like LRNGO allow you to connect with a partner locally or online via video chat so that you can be sure to have options wherever you go.

Explore Online Options

There are plenty of learn at your own pace Romanian resources on the web that are best used when paired with one of the above options (but are incredibly valuable resources for practice and extra study).

Romanian Lessons is a great place to get a grasp of the basics, for free. The free course includes ten lessons so that your foundational knowledge of the language will be solid.

Romanian 101 is perfect for vocabulary and grammar, as well as a place to find links to Romanian radio and news so that you can practice your listening and reading skills while learning about the language’s surrounding culture.

Learn Romanian with Nico is an awesome YouTube channel that helps with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation. Taught by a native speaker, these videos are very useful for those interested in not only the language, but the culture.

Worldwideliving-Romanian Language is a free podcast on iTunes, giving you the opportunity to listen to bits of Romanian wherever you go, be it in the car, while cleaning the house, or walking your dog, podcasts are a great way to squeeze in some study time in your daily life. This particular podcast plays the audio in both English and Romanian so that you get a better understanding of how the two function in comparison to one another.

Remember that you now have the resources you need to learn Romanian, so get out there and utilize them!

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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