Spread the Word and be a French Tutor

People want to learn, and the growing interconnectedness of the world has brought people of different cultures and languages closer together than ever before. If you are bilingual or multilingual, you’re a step ahead of the game and have the advantage of being able to help others with your skills. If you speak French fluently, consider the opportunities that can be found in becoming a French tutor. Whether students look to you for their love of French culture, their desire to explore and understand the world, or because they’re struggling through their required high school language class, you’ll find eager students looking for your guidance.

French tutoring jobs are some of the most popular on the market, and all it takes to teach French lessons is a grasp of the language, a bit of planning, and some good people skills. Within a few weeks you could be on your way to having the job you want teaching the language you love.

There are quite a few places to find great French tutoring jobs, and one of the most efficient is by going online. Many people have turned to the Internet for French lessons, and tutoring sites offer positions for French tutors as well as ways for potential students to chat and connect with teachers. Sites like Tutor offer organized and top-notch online French tutoring jobs and, if you pass their certification checks and screening process, you can be on your way to teaching your own group of students in no time.

Of course, you can also explore the opportunities at LRNGO, which allows you to post your services on their site for interested learners to see. You have the ability to offer one-on-one tutoring or even lead an online class.

You can also connect with schools and universities in your area to find openings for a French teacher or French tutor on staff, as well as local high schools to see if they would be interested in connecting you with their students for supplemental help.

If you don’t want French tutoring jobs that involve large groups or organizations, and prefer a more personalized method of teaching, try connecting with individual students. One of the most popular ways to do this is by using Craigslist or a similar site where free classifieds can be posted. You can also use the classified section in a newspaper, or simply get referrals from friends and former students.

Making yourself available is the first step to becoming a French tutor, so get your name out there using any number of the methods listed above. Be sure to highlight any prior experience you may have had in tutoring and your French skills level, and be open, friendly and patient. For additional resources, Omniglot has a list of valuable links for you and your students to use to help make teaching and learning French a little bit easier.

Photo Credit: Pedro Szekely

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