Spreek jij Nederlands?: If you answered yes, become a Dutch Translator

You’ll find that today, translation and interpreter services are in demand internationally. If you’re a multilingual Dutch speaker, consider your options in becoming a translator or interpreter and start exploring all of the benefits that being familiar with multiple languages can offer you. Here are a handful of the opportunities available for you to use your Dutch skills professionally.

  • UNOG United Nations Office at Geneva: The Division of Conference Management has a Language Service that handles all official translation at a rate of approximately 50 million words per year. To apply to be a Dutch language translator, a university degree or recognized diploma from a translation school is required. All applicants are screened through a competitive examination that is held at various times throughout the year. For those who are chosen, there are opportunities for temporary employment, freelancing work, and permanent translators who can serve for many years at a time.

  • Embassies of the Netherlands: The Government of the Netherlands is another potential place for employment as a Dutch language translator. With Embassies and Consulates around the world (check out this location list), the potential for employment with the Dutch Government will be competitive. Those with a Bachelor’s degree and ability to fluently speak 2 or more languages need only apply.

  • Law Firms: With numerous international law firms operating in the Netherlands, translators are always needed. Those who apply for this type of translation work should have a solid understanding of business and law terms.

  • Healthcare Institutions: Another potential employment option for a Dutch language translator would be at a Netherlands Healthcare Group such as a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. With a diverse international population, visitors, and tourists, it is necessary for healthcare institutions to be able to provide adequate communication for its diverse clients. Applicants to healthcare institutions will want a solid understanding of medical terms and practices.

There are also a number of private firms and agencies that will often require the service of a freelance Dutch language translator for document, medical, and legal translations, so do your research in the area that you’re interested in working to see if there are any opportunities available.

You can also search for opportunities using online search engines such as Elance or Indeed, giving you access to tons of Dutch translation jobs in a variety of fields, from writing, research, analysis and more!

Being multilingual is a valuable tool, and there are tons of opportunities for you to use that tool to benefit yourself and the community. Be a part of bringing the world together and bridging the communication gap by becoming a Dutch translator.

Photo Credit: Kent Wang

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