The Importance of Learning Latin

Why learn Latin in this day and age? Isn’t it a practically dead language? Despite these common questions, learning Latin is truly a rewarding experience for those who have taken up the challenge to learn it.

Latin is more then an ancient language—it is widely used in the fields of law, medicine, science, technology, philosophy and poetry. Several languages trace their roots to Latin, including English, French and Italian. Because of this, understanding Latin has been crucial to countless historical findings, and is invaluable to the aspiring scholar.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages to learning Latin is the foundation that it provides in learning other languages. Do you know or have you ever met someone who seems to have a strong command of many different languages? Chances are that this person knows at least some of the key languages that give him or her the basis for the others. The “common denominator,” if you will. The advantage knowing that common denominator can bring, particularly in understanding European-based languages, cannot be overstated or undervalued. In fact, many of these words and syllables of Latin are still in use in one form or another today.

To dissect the English language, an English scholar, linguist or etymologist must learn Latin, for it has had an unparalleled impact on the history of English in its vocabulary, its grammar, and its style.

There are many English words with Latin roots easily recognizable by English speakers, as well as plenty that seem completely unrelated. Regardless, the root and the changes undergone in the language’s words can usually be traced back to Latin. As far as grammar, English can thank Latin for having any at all. Learning Latin is necessary to filling in the historical blanks of the English language.

If you have already decided that learning Latin is the right path for you, start collecting resources to use in your studies. Take a look at the options available for online programs, group lessons at a school, a private tutor, etc. by browsing classified listings, phone directories or websites. As you probably know, LRNGO offers a language exchange search platform so that you could even connect with an exchange partner instead of hiring someone to guide you.

The pupils of the classical Latin language have made an educated decision. From history to vocabulary, science to the arts, the Latin language has left a great impression on the world, shaping it to be as we know it today. Latin students continue this tradition, and have the ability to look at the world in a whole new way by understanding its past.

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