Top 5 International Student Blogs

International students are faced with many new things when studying abroad: a new city, back to back colorful and ornate concrete structures, each containing a different ambience with music overflowing through the orifices onto the street, new people, unrecognizable eyes, noses, and lips shuffling past in an amiable yet distant way, and a new language, an unfamiliar dialect entering your ear and moving past comprehension. Breaking through the social barriers of a foreign land poses challenges for an international student, but with a willingness to adapt, there will be an awakening of the senses by experiencing life in an unfamiliar way. The blogs listed below help to connect international students to each other, and the nation they are studying in, by covering topics like Visa/immigration, competition, daily experiences and career choices.

Top 5 International Student Blogs
  • Study Link
    Studylink provides a blog covering a wide variety of topics, with career tips, cost information, and information on how to fit in while studying abroad. Studylink allows you to search distinct courses offered around the world for individual study programs. They also have an advice section with specific concerns about financial information, entry requirements, visas, and pathways to study abroad.

  • International Student
    The blog at International Student is organized into categories, directing your questions, concerns, or curiosity toward a link containing information on scholarships, study sections, ESL, and student travel. As a member with International Student, there is an open forum for students to post thoughts or questions based on the area/nation of study or general topics and communication with administrators within the site.

  • I-Student Global
    This blog contains student posts about day-to-day things like balancing full time school work and having a job, interviews, and career paths all from the perspective of international students traveling and studying abroad. I-Student Global also gives insight to specific degree programs and scholarships offered at schools internationally.

  • CollegeXpress
    Membership with CollegeXpress grants access to a blog with articles about a range of topics, from cultural immersion to finding the right college for an individual path of study. The CollegeXpress home page makes finding the answer to any query simple, and contains listings for school rankings, scholarships, and graduate and summer programs.

  • Top Universities
    Top universities’ website blog addresses what it’s like to study at a certain university with first-hand accounts produced by international students. This website also has a university ranking system- ranking the university by subject, faculty, country, or city with additional application and financial information.

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