Where to Find Thai Teaching Jobs

At a time when many are choosing to learn a second language in order to build their résumé and broaden their skillset, you may have an opportunity to find Thai teaching jobs.

There are a variety of opportunities out there for language teachers with varying requirements, salaries, and structures. It is important that you focus on finding the position that works best for you, while still allowing yourself to step out of the box to find opportunities that you may not have been aware of.

The first step to becoming a Thai teacher is ensuring that you are confident in your ability to teach the language. Having confidence is not only important for you personally, but also shows when you apply for jobs. The more experience and qualifications you have the better, and be sure to highlight these on your application.

Start by looking for openings in your area. Colleges and language schools may have Thai programs in need of teachers, or else be able to recommend you to students who are specifically interested in a personal Thai tutor. You can also post ads in the classifieds or online at Craigslist.

It is also a good idea to look into tutoring websites. These sites often charge commission for allowing you to use their site, but are also a great way to easily connect with interested students. WyzAnt and TutorHunt are great options, as is LRNGO, which also provides opportunities for teaching online classes.

You can sometimes find Thai teaching jobs on a corporate level, or for business people who want to learn the language in order to be able to better communicate and win the trust of the people they do business with. Thai teaching jobs are also available in other parts of South East Asia, where, mainly for business purposes, individuals want to learn to communicate in the language.

Putting yourself out there is important to getting a Thai teaching job, as is being friendly and eager to teach. Your enthusiasm for the subject will speak for itself, and that combined with your Thai language skills will make you an optimal candidate for a Thai teaching position. Focus on writing a strong résumé that highlights your relevant experience and Thai proficiency level and being friendly in interviews, showing that you are qualified and eager to teach.

Be patient and keep searching and the right job opportunity is sure to show itself!

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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