Your Career Starts Here: Be a Swedish Teacher

Knowing any language is a valuable skill that puts you in a position to bestow unto others that same valuable skill. If you know the language, you have the ability to become a teacher. If you are bilingual or multilingual, you have a special advantage in this department as you can more easily communicate with your students in order to help them grasp the fine tunings of Swedish.

You may be surprised to find how many opportunities there are to teach Swedish if you put in a dedicated search effort. One way to get yourself out there is to teach students one-on-one through online tutoring. Verbal Planet offers tutors a place to post their information so that willing students can easily find them. The online, video chat platform allows students to come to you from anywhere in the world, significantly broadening your range of students. As you probably know, you can also post your information on LRNGO for the possibility of in person or online tutoring, or even an online classroom if you have experience.

You can also contact your local schools and colleges to see if there are any possibilities to work with them as a Swedish tutor, or even be recommended to students seeking help outside of the classroom. If you have a language school in your area, that’s by far the best place to start.

You can also spread the word about your availability on classified sites such as Craigslist and in your local classifieds and newspaper. The key to becoming a successful tutor is to get the word out of who you are and what you can do in as many different places as possible; you’ll never know where you’ll stumble upon someone who has been looking for a teacher just like you.

If you’re willing to take your Swedish to new locations, you have the potential to discover opportunities from around the world. Language institutes and embassies across the globe could have a position waiting for you, so do some research on areas you’d be interested in working.

Of course, depending on how you’d like to teach, certain qualifications must be taken into consideration. Obviously, the first step is a proficient understanding of the Swedish language. Beyond that, you have the ability to teach students as a freelance tutor. To be hired on as a teacher, you should probably do your research on where you’d be interested in working and in what type of environment you will be teaching so you can check on what certifications or qualifications are required to work there.

The fact is, if you know Swedish and are interested in teaching it, you have your chance. Because the language is not as highly sought after as others, you may have to be patient in your search, but that doesn’t mean you should hesitate. Spread the word about what you can do and stay determined—you’ll get there.

Photo Credit: Phil Price

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