Request for ESL Tutor
Message: I am looking for an ESL tutor for my son. Can someone come to me? How much is it?
Location: Berlin, United States
Posted by Ross B on 14th of January, 2021
Request for Pedal Steel Guitar
Message: I'm looking for a pedal steel instructor...while there are literally thousands of guitar/voice/piano instructors readily available, pedal steel teachers are very scarce.
Location: 77396, United States
Posted by Ben on 15th of November, 2020
Request for Tap Dance
Message: I'm looking for a tap dance instructor for my 8 year old girl.
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Posted by Ansel Tamla on 28th of July, 2020
Request for 3D Printing Lessons
Message: I'm looking for a 3d printing instructor for private lessons, prefer in person but if not then maybe online.
Offering: negotiable
Location: 60657, United States
Online Lessons Considered
Posted by John on 4th of April, 2020
Request for French Lessons
Message: Hi, I'm looking for a French teacher with a sense of humor.
Location: 10024, United States
Posted by Ashley T on 13th of October, 2019
Request for Singing
Message: I would like to inquire about voice lessons for my daughter.
Offering: $75
Location: 19106, United States
Posted by Tracey on 29th of May, 2019
Message: Early Learning Academy is looking for teachers and assistants for the 2016-2017 school year. Seeking local residents with teaching certificates and Early Childhood education experience, as well as those interested in an assistant teaching positions.
Location: 77079, United States
Posted by David B on 7th of December, 2018
Request for Teachers Wanted
Message: Lamar CISD in Fort Bend County TX (including Richmond and Rosenberg) is now filling full-time, part-time, summer and fall teaching positions for Math, Reading, Culinary Arts, Music - and many more positions to fill. More information and applications:
Location: 77469, United States
Posted by Admin on 8th of August, 2018
Request for Calculus
Message: I am in need of help with calculus. I am a junior in high school. Thank you!
Location: 28201, United States
Posted by Ella on 12th of February, 2018
Request for Statistics
Message: Statistics at uwi
Offering: normal rate
Location: San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
Posted by Erica on 19th of November, 2017
Request for Calculus
Message: I'm in need of calculus tutoring and possibly economics. Looking for referrals. Willing to pay or trade for French.
Location: 02138, United States
Posted by Julie B on 27th of March, 2017
Request for 3D Printing
Message: Does anybody give lessons for 3D printing?
Location: London, United Kingdom
Online Lessons Considered
Posted by Russel on 18th of January, 2017
Request for Piano Teacher
Message: Looking for a piano teacher in my home for my daughter.
Offering: $50/Lesson
Location: 77379, United States
Posted by Connie Andrews on 29th of September, 2016
Request for Fitness Trainer
Message: Personal trainer needed who can also coach basketball.
Offering: $40/Lesson
Location: 44105, United States
Posted by JD on 10th of August, 2016
Request for Comedy
Message: Does anyone coach this or train for standup?
Offering: $30/Lesson
Location: 85027, United States
Online Lessons Considered
Posted by Scott on 6th of June, 2016
Request for Violin
Message: I want to learn violin. I can teach you French if you want to trade.
Location: 15146, United States
Posted by Mike H on 25th of April, 2016
Request for Film
Message: I'm interested in learning both directing and producing.
Offering: $100/Lesson
Location: 90272, United States
Posted by TLR on 21st of February, 2016
Request for Drum Lessons
Message: My son would like take some drum lessons. He took drum lessons for 2 years when we were in France
Offering: $50/Lesson
Location: 80017, United States
Posted by Emily on 19th of December, 2015
Request for Geometry Tutor
Message: I need a 9th grade tutor for Geometry next semester for a male student.
Offering: $60/Lesson
Location: 15146, United States
Posted by Carol M on 17th of November, 2015
Request for Bass Lessons
Message: Interested in lessons for bass guitar. Adult student with my own instrument, very motivated. Please email with more information and rates. Thanks.
Location: 77401, United States
Posted by MW on 28th of October, 2015
Request for Activities Teacher
Message: Hello, I wanted to inquire about getting an activities teacher that can come to my home to teach my niece (2) & nephew (4). I also wanted to know additional information about how this process works including the fee/charges for services.
Location: 46209, United States
Posted by Deb on 4th of August, 2015
Request for Tutor
Message: I am looking for a tutor for my 7 year old first grade boy. Currently we have availability on Tuesdays after 4pm, Wednesdays after 4:30pm or Thursdays after 3:30 p.m. I look forward to hearing from you.
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Posted by Chelsey on 19th of May, 2015
Request for Cello and Piano Teachers
Message: I have two daughters, 17 and 20. One wants to learn cello, the other wants to increase piano skills. Both are accomplished musicians.
Location: 77024, United States
Posted by Daniel on 24th of November, 2014
Request for Chess Lessons
Message: Looking for a chess instructor for a middle school boy.
Offering: Up to $65/Hour
Location: 21215, United States
Posted by Sherry on 1st of October, 2014
Request for Spanish and Algebra Tutoring
Message: Looking for tutors to help with study skills in Spanish, and algebra.
Offering: $40/Hr
Location: 77024, United States
Posted by Kathy L on 23rd of September, 2014
Request for Harmonica Lessons
Message: I want to take Harmonica lessons, does anyone near me provide it?
Offering: Up to $40/Hour
Location: 77063, United States
Posted by Greg S on 14th of November, 2014
Request for Piano, Flute and Violin Teacher
Message: I am interested in piano, flute and violin lessons for my children. I am based in Cleveland Ohio.
Location: 44125, United States
Posted by Thomas on 11th of November, 2014
Request for Photography Lessons
Message: Hi. I am looking for a photography lessons for my wife. She has not had lessons before.
Location: 92102, United States
Posted by Larry M on 6th of November, 2014
Request for Clarinet Lessons
Message: I am looking into private clarinet lessons and I like the idea that some teachers will travel to my home. Please contact me by email if this is something you do.
Location: 41075, United States
Posted by M Kelly on 4th of November, 2014
Request for Calculus Tutor
Message: I am in urgent need of a Calculus tutor, could you please have someone contact me. Thank you.
Location: 77024, United States
Posted by Christina F on 2nd of November, 2014
Request for Trombone Lessons
Message: My son is a beginner trombone player in the junior high 6th grade band. We are looking for a teacher to come to our home for private lessons in the evenings after 5pm.
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Posted by Mel on 1st of November, 2014
Request for Piano Lessons
Message: I am interested in piano lessons for my 14 year old daughter at our home, once a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
Location: 15221, United States
Posted by SB on 28th of October, 2014
Request for Portuguese Lessons
Message: Would like more information on rates for Portuguese language lessons at home for a beginner adult. Willing to pay for a professional who will come to me. Not interested in online.
Location: 77077, United States
Posted by D Hughes on 28th of October, 2014
Request for Guitar Lessons
Message: My daughter is 10 and is very interested in home guitar lessons. Kindly let me know your rates and availability to schedule.
Location: Sidney, Australia
Posted by Sherry P on 26th of October, 2014
Request for History and Language Arts Tutor
Message: I need a tutor that not only helps my son understand the subject, but can help him develop a method for retaining information. He is a high school Junior with generally good grades, but needs help with study skills.
Location: 85010, United States
Posted by Jenny Anderson on 22nd of October, 2014
Request for Banjo Lessons
Message: I was interested in pricing and availability for in my home and for at the teacher's studio.
Location: 77042, United States
Posted by Mark E on 20th of October, 2014
Request for Voice Lessons
Message: I am interested in having my 10 year old take some voice lessons. Please provide me with an experienced instructor to point us in the right direction.
Location: London, United Kingdom
Posted by Peter K on 18th of October, 2014
Request for Math Tutor
Message: We need a math tutor for our 4th grade daughter and 6th grade son. We would prefer having someone who has actually taught in the classroom and knows the curriculum come to our home. Probably once a week to start.
Location: 66210, United States
Posted by Jamie on 17th of October, 2014