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Many people have the talent for art, or have the desire to learn it, but need somewhere to start learning. Art classes can be expensive, not to mention structured, long, and dull, and some people prefer to study their own way rather than follow a teacher. Online art classes are a great way to avoid the things you don’t like about real-life classes, especially the costs, and learn from the comfort of your home in the style and at the pace that suits you best.

Online art classes are extremely easy to find, and something as simple as an online search could give you hundreds of hits. Some of the best places for lessons are sites dedicated to free art lessons. These will often focus on a certain part or style of art, for instance how to draw manga, how to do pastel art, or how to properly shade and illustrate facial expressions. These online art classes sites can often provide you with a great range of information and advice about one certain style or technique.

For more general and overall classes, there might be a fee charged. The fee for online art classes is of course much more minimal than the fee for real life ones, and it can be worth it if you want to become a well-rounded artist. These more general classes cover everything from point perspective to face and body structure to cartooning, often in a variety of techniques and mediums. To find these online art classes, the best places to go are online colleges or art schools.

And if you just want to supplement some of your knowledge or see art in action, a great place to look is on YouTube or other video sites. Extremely skilled and talented artists and teachers often post their tips and tricks, and you can even find entire series dedicated to teaching art. Learning art online is one of the easiest things to do if you know where to look for great resources and online art classes.

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