Do You want to Learn how to Dance?

Watching professionals move gracefully across the floor in classic styles of dancing, or modern dance artists move their bodies in cool and hip ways can make anyone feel like learning to dance!

But how does one go about learning to dance? Well, first of all you need to decide what genre of dance you would like to approach. There are many styles out there to choose from, and it is often difficult to choose just one. Perhaps you could consider learning to dance several different styles, especially if they are somewhat similar.

Some popular style choices when learning to dance are hip hop, jazz, modern dance, and belly dance. If you are a serious student, ballet could be a good idea for you, as many different types of dances are based off this elegant and technically advanced dance form.

However, when it really comes down to it, learning to dance is more about learning how to move your body gracefully and tastefully to the music. Building confidence while at the same time building skill are important aspects, as well. Flapping your arms about and jumping up and down does not constitute dancing, neither does standing idly with your toes tapping invisibly underneath your clothes.

There are several important elements to learning to dance which are keys that will help you unlock the magnificent and beautiful world of dancing.

One of these keys is rhythm. Listening to the timing and beat of the music and teaching your body to follow along accordingly is just as important as anything else.

Another key in learning to dance is coordination. This simply takes practice, sometimes a very lot of practice!

The last key that needs to be mentioned is choreography. Start simple and build from there!

If you are single, consider joining a local dance studio for lessons on dancing with a partner. Popular dances include salsa, east coast swing, west coast swing, country dance as well as ballroom dancing. Most lessons are twice a week for 2 hours each time. You don’t have to bring a partner to show up for dance lessons at most dance studios. Often times the studios will make you rotate and switch with different partners so that you can practice and get a feel for dancing with different people. This is not only a great way to learn how to dance, it is also a great way to potentially meet someone special in your life!

Photo Credit:Vladimir Pustovit

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