Are you an up and coming actress or actor? Are you a film professional with plenty of experience looking for new opportunities? Joining an online association like the Film Pro Network TV Online Association at is a great way to find new projects and people to work with. If you are involved in the film industry in any way, you may find great employment possibilities you did not even know existed. provides an online platform for film employees to network and meet people in their industry. On their homepage, they boast an impressive variety of positions in their promotional banner: besides actors, there are directors, producers, camera men, compositors, casting agents, sound and film editors, VFX and digital artists, writers, talent agents, and set designers.

You will also find auxiliary services such as electricians and other contractors, distributors and advertisers to promote your project, equipment providers, lighting support, vendors, and trailer rentals. One of the most useful categories on this site is the listing of studios and location assistants, because no project can begin without a location. Insurance agents specializing in the film industry are included as well. These are only a small sample of the selection of people and services on this site.

One of the most useful features of is the ability to browse the network by photographs. Many people provide headshots and other profile pictures for this purpose. All of the categories are able to provide photos, not just actors and actresses. also provides a few useful articles and links for businesses and film industry workers. An article about placing banner ads on websites is especially useful for anyone who wants to promote a film or product. Banner ads are used to attract customers and bring them to your website, where they can buy your product.

The essay explains that the best place for banner ads are the top center of websites, but many ads end up on the sides of pages. It is a good idea to find a popular website related to your product and buy advertising space on their site for your banner ads. People who visit the site are already interested in that type of content, and might be attracted to your banners.

Another great article on is about the benefits of using High Definition (HD) cameras. HD cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper, and are thus becoming the norm in practically all current film projects with any budget to speak of. These cameras capture an incredibly vivid picture, bringing a new life to video. They are perfect even for home movies and other personal uses where you don't want to miss a single detail. Most of them zoom-in farther than 20X, allowing for some pretty intense close-ups.

Registration with may seem a bit expensive, at $100 dollars for an amateur and limited membership, and $300 dollars for a professional and full membership. However, there is no way to put a price on the connections and employment opportunities you may find through the Film Pro association. If you work hard to get your name out there and meet people in your industry you may be surprised at the number of breaks you get.

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