Find the Best Violin Lessons and Instructors

Everyone loves the amazing and warming music produced by a violin in the hands of a skilled musician. Many violin lessons and diligent practices go into mastering this instrument, but the efforts are well rewarded by the appreciation the music receives.

If you are interested in violin lessons, you can find great instructors on and in the tutor classifieds. Each instructor will offer their own rates and have various expectations for what your rate of progress should be to reach your desired skill level. If you are going to invest in violin lessons, be sure you are willing to commit to the practice that mastery requires.

Imagine the fulfillment you will experience at being able to play one of the classic solo sonatas on your instrument. Seeing your violin lessons transform your awkward fingers and notes into nimble, clear melodies will be extremely satisfying.

If your child has expressed an interest in violin lessons, maybe you are leery of the expense, as much as you would like them to gain the skill. Be sure to check out and the tutor classifieds for children’s instructors. You can often find very good starting rates, service swaps (most easily found at's 'Free Exchange' page), and packages that you can afford.

If you are able to teach violin lessons, you can offer your lessons both on websites like and on tutor classifieds. You can look over other instructors’ ads to see what the average rate is. If you are going to offer violin lessons, be sure you are prepared to invest the patience required. Progress will vary from student to student.

Photo Credit: Joe Lewis

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