Hiring a Band in Raleigh, North Carolina

Bands for hire in the NC triangle have plenty to offer to crowds of varied tastes. Whether one is looking for a wedding singer, a party band, or something for a corporate shindig, Raleigh has mercenary musicians for any event. If you want to hire a band in Raleigh North Carolina, here are some of the top choices on offer.

For the rock category, two bands can expect to carry the title. Aftershock, featuring four solid vocalists led by Gary Frost of Milford, CT, is the band of choice to keep a party going. Aftershock plays mostly covers from the 70s and 80s, but they have plenty of newer music in their expansive catalogue. From Van Halen to Daughtry, Aftershock’s versatile rock sound is sure to win the crowd. Next up in rock is Rockzilla, featuring an even broader playlist than Aftershock. Rockzilla mixes pop in with their rock, including tunes from Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga and many more. This band’s magic plays out on the dance floor; partygoers are most likely to gel with Rockzilla if they can dance to the beat.

To hire a band in Raleigh North Carolina in country and bluegrass, there are a few excellent choices. Victoria Lee from VGL Music is a powerful solo vocalist that sings a mix of country, bluegrass, and gospel. Ms. Lee is still in her teens, but this hasn’t stopped her from reaching for the top of the local country scene. She is not solely a cover artist either; Victoria has a number of original tunes to share with her enthusiastic audiences. Next up is Swift Creek, a country/bluegrass combo with a tangy sound. Lead vocalist Kevin Brown has a smooth voice and Casey Elder brings some class to the show with his mandolin and dobro. Swift Creek is a winner with any crowd looking for some Southern twang, and finally, the D.R. Wells Medicine Show is a testament to the preservation of old-fashioned bluegrass and gospel. The Medicine Show brings the banjo and fiddle into the mix, with tunes that bring the past to life and a lot of downhome cheer.

For event planners looking to get some brass into the mix, Raleigh has swing and big band music to spare. Timeless is the frontrunner here, with eight members and both male and female lead vocalists. From the 40s to present day, Timeless’s strong brass and sax performers can make any event more memorable. Rising Star award winner Swing On! comes next. This big band focuses on instrumental music, so they are a perfect background group for more stylish events. Finally, The Moonlighters Orchestra wins the category on versatility, as bookings can range from four to the full twenty members to meet the client’s needs.

Raleigh also has class acts in other categories. In hip-hop, Willie P. & D. Gutta’s rap duo is a good choice for a more urban flavor. Janis Dionne can put on a fun, energetic act for children of all ages. The UNC Achordants have no need for instruments; this a cappella group has strong harmonies with some comedy mixed in. It is clear that there is plenty of talent if you want to hire a Band in Raleigh, North Carolina. These performers are at the top of their class and are ready and willing to put up an excellent performance for any event.

Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley

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