How to Find the Best Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone is a very complex instrument, requiring special breathing and intricate finger movement. One interesting fact about this instrument is that it has not been changed since its invention in 1804. Your saxophone lessons today will teach you the same basics you would have learned hundreds of years ago. There are several sizes of the instrument, the larger the instrument, the larger the mouthpiece as well.

There are various paths you can take to learn to play this instrument. You can find saxophone lessons on the internet. These are often structured courses you can work through, and some people may find this to be an inexpensive way to learn to play a much loved instrument. If you can already read music, you can also simply purchase or borrow from your local library, a book of saxophone lessons. For those who are more of a “natural” or have a lot of discipline, these self teaching methods my well produce a proficient musician.

If you are not the type inclined to pick up an instrument without some personal instruction, you may prefer some in-person saxophone lessons. You can find these through a music school, or by taking private lessons with a musician who plays this instrument. In either case, you will find your saxophone lessons requiring some commitment. There will also be private practice commitments to help you master the instrument.

In your saxophone lessons, you will learn the circular breathing required to fluently play your favorite pieces on the saxophone. There is also a correct posture you must assume in order to most easily breathe and play. You will learn the basics of how to care for your instrument, and read the notes. You will begin with learning to play various musical scales, but before too long, you will be able to begin playing some of your favorite tunes.

It may also be important to decide your stylistic focus with this instrument in particular, as jazz improvisation training will vary quite a bit from traditional reading. Some of the great saxophone players in history who you can listen to to hear the difference include Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Lester Young. These performers were mostly skilled at improvising, and were very famous for their stylistic approach. Think about your goals and what style of the instrument you would like to play when choosing a teacher.

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