How to Get Started in an Acting Career

Getting an acting career is not as simple as many young prospective actors envision, but neither is it impossible. With a lot of determination, a thought through plan, and more determination, your acting career is within your reach.

Start, first of all, with some books on acting. A book is a “free tutor.” Read up on what an acting career and life actually require so that you can prepare yourself and see if you have the resolve to bring this dream to fruition.

Join an acting class. Proper training is important. Even if you have natural talent, you need professional help to hone the skills required for a successful acting career. Actors and actresses market themselves, you are presenting your own brand and your own business, and you must be prepared to do that at all times. Prepare a monologue that you can be ready to recite. Anyone aspiring to have an acting career should have both a comedic and a dramatic monologue well-rehearsed to showcase their talent.

If you are able, find someone in the business to mentor you. Every actor or actress you speak with acts as a free tutor, guiding and instructing you with their experience. Do everything you can to network yourself in the arts and entertainment industry. The more connections you have, the more noticed you will be.

You must find an agent and a manager to help land your auditions, and to work with you to promote your acting career. Start working on your acting resume, and keep your portfolio updated. Actively look for rolls in student films, indie films, or backstage work, as all of these greatly enhance your exposure, experience, and resume.

One of the key strategies to your acting career is your financial plan. It will take years before your career of choice will be able to fully support you. In the meantime you must have a plan that will keep you afloat. Many actors and actresses work with temp agencies to have consistent work that does not require a long term commitment. Ongoing study in your field of choice will also continue to cost you. You may be lucky enough to find a free tutor, but you should be ready for the cost of studying.

Photo Credit: Vancouver Film School

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