How to Learn Hip Hop Dancing

The hip-hop style of dance evolved from the hip hop culture of the ‘70’s, and has now spread around the world. It has become popularized by many internationally famous artists—singers, dancers, DJs and MCs.

Some of the unique characteristics of the hip hop style of dance are improvisation on the part of the performers, as well as personal style and interpretation.

Learning to dance hip hop style, especially if you are not that familiar with the culture, music and moves surrounding it, can be a bit tough at first. The best thing to do before anything else is immerse yourself in it, as the hip hop style is nearly as much about attitude and character as it is about choreography and dance routines.

So what is the first step for you in learning the hip hop style of dance and movement? Once you’ve immersed yourself in it by listening to hip hop music, watching the pros do their thing and getting the feel for it, you are ready to begin.

Since the hip hop style of dance is so popular worldwide, you will not have a hard time finding a dance studio, instructor, or video tutorials to get you started. As you will see, it is in many cases very fast paced, with small, almost unnoticeable movements which are key to looking authentic and giving it just the right feel. Therefore, plenty of practice of one step at a time will be essential. Don’t try to rush it, neither should you feel like you’ll never “get it” if you don’t take off as fast or as easily as you would’ve liked in the beginning.

Learning the hip hop style of dance takes dedication and time, but it’s very rewarding. With time, your confidence, skill and enjoyment will increase.

Photo Credit:Sarath Kuchi

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