Jazz Dancing from A-Z

Jazz is one of the more technically advanced dances and usually takes years of diligent study and practice to master. Because of this, jazz training is essential. That is not to say that jazz training and dance is out of reach—certainly not! There are many dedicated, reliable and wonderful teachers who will guide you from step A all the way to step Z, after which time, you are ready to independently fly on the wings of jazz dancing!

To make the most of your jazz training, be sure to be consistent in your lessons and do as much practicing at home as you can. Confidence in this style of dance is imperative, therefore the more time you spend practicing, the better you will be. As they say, “Practice makes perfect!”

Remember always that jazz dancing is stylish, so build your confidence with routines and practice initially, and once you’ve mastered a certain level of jazz training, experiment with your own originality and creativity. That is a lot of what jazz dancing is about, after all! Once the majority of the tough jazz training is over is when the fun really begins!

Practice in front of a mirror, first by copying your instructor or great jazz dancers such as Jack Cole, and then try incorporating your own steps and moves to enhance your personal technique and skill.

Jazz training can have its rigorous and trying moments, but that’s only because jazz dancing is so incredible and impressive. Doing a perfect straddle split leap, or a flawless toe rise doesn’t come easy, but then again, nothing that is worth anything does.

If you are committed to your jazz training, your jazz dancing will reflect this, and you will be doing amazing moves and steps you never before dreamed were possible

Photo Credit:Felix Padrosa

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