Learn Swing Dancing for Fun Fitness

This form of dance has been popular for social dancer of all ages for many years. Swing dancing is a couple’s dance where the girl is lifted, spun, swung and twirled. It is lively and great fun. You can learn swing dancing to be able to participate in these social dancing events, or for the aerobic fitness of it.

If you are decided to learn swing dancing, you will probably be able to find several dance schools in your area where you can take lessons. Many people find that through taking these classes, they not only up their fitness level, but also make new friends who share a common interest.

You can also learn swing dancing on your own, at home with instructional DVDs; however, you will at least need a dance partner. It is a social dance, after all. This dance is meant to be engaging and interactive. Partners hold hands, as opposed to placing hands on each other’s shoulders and hips.

You can learn swing dancing as a couple. It’s a great hobby to pursue together, leading to fitness, fun and more friends with the same interest. Even though it is not a particularly intimate dance, couples who learn swing dancing together have discovered that is a great way for them to build communication skills while pursuing a very enjoyable activity.

Once you learn swing dancing, you will find social events where you can dance to your heart’s content with others who love this dance style. You may even get ambitious and decide to enter some of the swing dancing competitions that take place each year. In any case, of one thing you can be sure, you will be having fun. And this kind of active fun will certainly keep you fit.

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