Learning Composition from the Pros

Photography is a hobby that many people assume to be simple and easy—until they try it. Many people think that photography is only a matter of clicking a button, and then presto! out comes a great picture. But when they finally pick up a camera and start taking pictures, they realize that there is more to it than just snapping shutters and aiming the camera. They are neglecting an important part of photography, learning composition, which is the most significant part of taking a picture.

If you plan to learn photography, then learning composition is par for the course. Any professional photographer or teacher will tell you that without taking the important step of learning composition, you will never be a real expert. Read the following advice for three easy and important pointers about composition that you should never forget.

The first and most basic thing you will get from learning composition is the rule of thirds. Rather than photographing something in the center of the frame, put it a little either to the right or the left, just where a line diving the picture in thirds would cross. That way the interest isn’t smacked in the middle, and the whole picture has a more appealing feel.

Another important rule is fading lines into corners rather than horizontally or vertically. Anyone who has spent any time learning composition will tell you that it makes the picture stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. The same rule applies for curves and zigzags. Don’t divide the picture, but move the eye along it.

The third of many important rules for learning composition is that if you are capturing movement, have it moving into frame rather than out. If you have someone walking left to right, then there should be less space on the right and more on the left. If you fail to do this, it will be uncomfortable for the viewer.

Photo Credit:thebarrowboy

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