Resources for Learning Bass Guitar

Learning to play the bass can be a fun and useful way for an interested person or musician to spend their time. Bass is a versatile and extremely fundamental instrument and a great choice whether you have musical experience or not. Bass guitar lessons and resources for learning the bass are extremely useful, and can be found in many places online.

One of the greatest and most useful resources, whether you are taking bass guitar lessons or not, is an online tuner. You can find hundreds of completely free online bass guitar tuners which can help you at the beginning of your practices and bass guitar lessons.

Finding free online bass guitar lessons is also extremely easy because it is such a popular instrument. You can find thousands upon thousands of instructional videos, completely for free, on YouTube and popular video sites. These videos are uploaded by users ranging from expert bass players to bass guitar tutors to students like you, and can provide a great deal of useful information and tips. While not necessarily an alternative to actual bass guitar lessons, these videos are an extremely practical and educational resource.

Finger exercises and scales can also be downloaded or read online completely for free. You can find fingering patterns, strumming techniques, and more bass guitar lessons on bass blogs and sites. Some of these sites require an initial fee, usually pretty small, but there are many that don’t.

And don’t forget to make use of free sheet music and tablature for popular songs, which you can use during and after your bass guitar lessons. The best way to learn is to practice, and playing songs that you know and love can help motivate you to practice and make as much progress as possible. Be sure to spend enough time doing scales and exercises, but also don’t neglect to have fun and enjoy your bass guitar.

Along those lines, it is important to remember that one aspect of the bass guitar is that it is meant to be played with people. Very rarely is there such a thing as a bass guitar soloist; so if you prefer to do things alone, this instrument may not be for you. On the upside, most musical groups need a bass guitar in one form or another, so if you master this instrument you will always be in demand. It is not uncommon at all for the bassist to be the last member of the band to be found, and if you check your local musicians wanted ads in most US cities, you will see that everyone is always looking for the coveted bass player

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