Tap Dancing Lessons-Bring Back a Lost Art

We have all seen the classic old movies where this style of dance was often the star of the show. Tap dancing gets its name from the taps that are on the bottom of the dancer’s shoes. These taps make a rhythmic sound as the performer touches the shoes to the floor.

If you are fascinated by this dance style, you really should consider taking tap dancing lessons. It’s great for coordination, flexibility and fitness, as well as the fact that your tap dancing lessons help keep the art alive. This is a rigorous dance, and requires a high level of fitness. Because of the fitness benefits, it is becoming popular for adults and children alike.

Typical tap dancing lessons will last about an hour each. They include stretching in the beginning and the end. You will initially be learning the basic steps and once you become proficient in these, you will progress to more intricate foot work. Tap dancing lessons often incorporate other styles of dance as well, such as jazz.

There are two types of shoes you can choose for your tap dancing lessons. Some dances like the flat shoe, and others prefer a heel. Unless you are performing in a troupe, it is usually your choice. The goal is to be able to produce a clear tap with each foot movement. Certain shoes may work better for certain people.

In time you may want to expand your tap dancing lessons to include other styles of the dance, like clogging or hoofing. These dances use techniques similar to tapping. Hoofing uses the whole foot to produce a drum like sound. Clogging is similar to Irish tap, like Riverdance. And, as you explore these lovely dances, you will be keeping yourself fit and nimble.

Photo Credit:Steve Snodgrass

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