The Art of Folk Dancing

Folk dancing is a form of dance where those participating have little or no previous training, dancing to traditional music from the country or peoples of their origin. People join together at social functions and events, and often, learning folk dancing is done right then and there, and participants enjoy each other’s company while having fun learning folk dancing as they go!

Learning folk dancing is very easy, as there is usually an experienced caller, and all the dancers have to do is follow the simple instructions called out. No formal dance training is necessary, as long as those joining in want to have fun dancing together and follow along!

As a fun, recreational activity, learning folk dancing should be highly recommended. It combines the great benefits of exercise with the joys of dance and music. Learning folk dancing also introduces you to peoples and cultures with rich and interesting histories, which is a terrific experience, and broadens your knowledge of their history.

Never be scared of learning folk dancing, for the goal is simply to have an enjoyable time with friends, new and old, of any age or nationality. Some of these dances originate hundreds and hundreds of years old, although, strictly speaking, have never been choreographed in the traditional sense of the word. Like traditions and legends, these dances have simply been passed on from generation to generation, changing a little with each passing century.

Although folk dance can be performed in whatever clothes you are in at the time, there are also a variety of colorful and beautiful costumes that can be worn by those participating. These costumes’ designs often date back hundreds of years, giving them richness of flavor and culture.

Whether young or old, learning folk dancing is a pleasurable experience!

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