The Piano Chords Chart: Sheet Music for the Piano Version

Learning to play the piano can be fun, simple and relaxing when you find the right program or instructor and the sheet music for the piano version of a song you like. Although many students want to learn to play the piano by ear immediately, it’s also important to be able to learn music theory, and reading notes to help gain a greater skill and proficiency. A good piano chords chart of your favorite song can be helpful in practicing for all of these endeavors.

Learning to play the piano is broken down into basic steps. The beginning stages of learning will take a student through basic knowledge of the keyboard and the difference between white keys (letter notes) and black keys (sharps). As a student begins to learn music, chords are introduced and taught in sequence with the most common chords coming first, and steadily progressing through to the more complicated ones.

In the beginning, learning to play the piano is essentially learning to play chords, so it is helpful to find a piano chords chart. Students might want to have a chord sheet printed out as they learn music, until they became completely familiar with and memorize all the chords. Once a student has grasped how to play chords, then they can begin to play the piano sheet music for the piano version of their favorite songs, or at least they are well on their way. They still have to learn some individual notes.

As student’s progress through the piano chords chart, they will grasp new concepts to learn sheet music for the piano version of their favorite songs, such as the whole tones and half tones and possible intervals between two notes, and how those work with major and minor chords.

Fingering is another important aspect that students must become familiar with as they learn to play the piano. How to position your fingers on the keys and changing your fingering, using the same fingering sequence reverses with either hand; using one hand alone or both hands simultaneously together. All of these skills students will need to learn and become proficient in before they can play the sheet music for the piano version of their personal favorites.

Music can bring hours and hours of enjoyment to an audience and the pianist, and there is virtually no song that cannot be translated one way or another into a piano version. Learning to play the piano with sheet music for the piano version of your favorite songs as well as piano chords charts is time well spent, and will be worth every bit of the effort and practice it takes. Find a piano chords chart here and sheet music for the piano version of songs here.

Photo Credit: Sander van der Wel

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