The Supplement Punk Rock

The Supplement Punk Rock is a part of a genre, a music genre that has come a long ways. There are some that would argue its dead, but that’s only because they do not have access to the places it’s been going since the 70’s. Originally, punk rock was the name given to bands that rocked out in their garages during the 60’s. Typically these musicians weren’t trained, and didn’t know or follow any kind of rules. Their sound was raw, often politically charged, crude, and most often violent.

While the ultimate beginnings are a topic of hot debate today, it is usually agreed that the initial real and concrete punk rock scene appeared in New York in the middle of the 70’s. Today it’s spread far and wide and is extremely active online. This article is a review of The Supplement’s new album.

The Supplement Punk Rock Upsides

The 13 songs on their debut album pay homage to the more old school sound of punk, while also providing quality sound through modern production in LA. The music is melodic and sprinkled with great guitar riffs that add to their own particular flavor within the community. The Supplement Punk Rock isn’t meant to be extremely polished though, as they prefer to sound a bit gritty and authentic.

They’re fast paced, and the lyrics are typical Punk Rock. The members are not children, but rather older guys that have been around a while and appreciate real punk rock. While they’re building a social networking status and community, at their core they’re not sellouts or fad driven. Nothing about this album is trendy, and that’s perhaps one of the best things that could be said about them.

The Supplement Punk Rock Critiques

Some people are tired of the old school punk sound. Some people want to see the performers look like contemporary side-show freaks. Some people think that punk rock is supposed to be flashy. Some reviews only credit “Wasted Life” as a decent punk rock song because it’s more status quo, where the band seems to have eased into their sound a bit more strategically. On the other side of the coin, those that think NOFX defined punk in the 90’s, felt there wasn’t enough excitement in the album. Or in other words, it’s not gritty enough. They want more screaming, and a snotty attitude which it says right on the album slip the band is trying to move away from. They feel that Punk Rock these days needs a more mature sound to it, given the social circumstances taking place.

The Supplement Punk Rock with a Mature Sound

The 70’s had its share of problems, but there wasn’t a fascist economic model collapsing in on itself, unprecedented unemployment, and sustained war in the middle east for over a decade. This band is about bringing back the essence of punk rock, which is to live free, and speak out against social injustice, greed, and police state indoctrination. If you want some good punk rock, definitely give this album and this band a chance.

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