The World of Musical Instruction

Like a serene ocean it sits — silent, massive and enchanting. The world of music is both vast and fascinating. Specifically, learning to read music can be alternately dull and exciting. You must endure the moments of the first to get to the moments of the last, which usually come when you are reading music as you are playing it.

Music tutors that teach pupils to read music are greatly varied. Some teach scales and complex chords, while others will get you through only the basics, to where you can play a very simple song.

But if you want to excel, you will need to work harder at it. Students who can read music or who are learning to read music have plenty to juggle. Their schoolwork, home responsibilities, community involvement and other programs can take up nearly all your time. However, if you set out on your mission to learn to read music with great resolve, it will happen for you.

How can one successfully learn to read music? Try one or more of the following methods: books, magazines, audio/visual productions, documentaries, online tutorials, music lessons in a school, or a music tutor coming to your home.

With or without a tutor, don’t despair when starting out if the problems seem to outweigh the progress. That is just a phase. The initial struggle of trying to wrap your mind around written music will not last forever. Keep in mind, as you learn to read music, that it’s only when the musical notes on the page in front of you suddenly make sense that you will cease to struggle and begin to rapidly progress! Patience and persistence is needed. It will be well worth the effort invested when you can breeze through your music pages, proficiently playing your instrument of choice.

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