Ukulele Lessons and Tips

One of the lesser known relative of the great guitar, the ukulele, is full of personality and verve. It’s just a small instrument, but it can be played with great energy and enthusiasm, and many great songs have been blessed by the simple and sweet touch of the ukulele. If you are looking to learn a different and unique instrument , then you should definitely look into playing the ukulele.

Traditionally, the ukulele hails from Hawaii and was apparently a combination of stringed instruments brought to that island originally by Portugal immigrants. However as with all modern instruments, more commonly it is now found in many additional genres of music recordings and performances throughout the US and the world. In 1993, the instrument found its way into the spotlight with Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole’s famous recording of “Over the Rainbow.”

Although the ukulele is less common than the guitar, it is very similar in many ways, and for that reason many guitar and banjo players know how to play it. Ukulele lessons are relatively easy to find because of this, and so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a class or instructor that suits you. You can go to a music store to see if they have any references or contact information for ukulele instructors or players who are willing to teach. You can also look in community centers, schools, and colleges in your local area to see if any of their music instructors would teach you playing the ukulele. You are sure to find someone with knowledge of playing the ukulele who will help you to learn for a good price.

However the cost of hiring an instructor for playing the ukulele can be too much sometimes and there are certainly cheaper options. One of these is to buy an instructional series that will show you the basics of playing the ukulele. These come in many forms, primarily audio, video, and book form, and each method and series has a different reason which makes it useful. You can definitely learn a whole lot from one of these.

And even if you have no money at all you can still do a good deal of learning by using free resources for playing the ukulele from the internet. Instruction videos on YouTube are a great way to see lessons in action, and reading tutorials with great advice and techniques could help you get started on your way to become a skilled ukulele player.

Photo Credit:Jacopo Marello

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