Q: What is LRNGO Premium Membership?

A: You describe the person you are looking for, then we will add the information to our database and notify you every time someone in your area joins LRNGO who meets your criteria.

Q: How does it work?

A: Fill out the form describing what you are looking for, and you will receive an email update when someone joins who fits your description. You can then contact that person directly through LRNGO. Each time this happens, you will receive notification of your matches once a month.

Q: Are there additional benefits?

A: Yes, you can add up to 10 teaching subjects on your profile (5 more than standard).

Q: What does it cost?

A: Membership is $1/month, billed annually so it’s $12/year for each membership.

Q: What if a lot of people join who fit my description?

A: In this case, we will update you with all of your new matches monthly.

Q: I found what I was looking for. Can I make changes?

A: Yes. Just email or message us and let us know you would like to do so, and we will send you confirmation that your search preferences have changed.

Q: Do you guarantee anything about the experience I might have as a result of connecting with people who fit my description?

A: No. We do not guarantee responses, availability or any kind of outcome. This service is introductory only.

Q: What if the person you notify me about doesn’t respond?

A: We cannot guarantee a response, only that your message is delivered.

Q: Can you negotiate or contact a user on my behalf?

A: No. We can only notify you when a person who fits the description of the criteria you have given us has joined, and direct you to where they are. You must contact them.

Q: Can I describe the person I’m looking for based on physical qualities?

A: All matches must be learning related. We will not honor requests that we determine are of a non-learning related nature or that violate our Terms of Use. LRNGO reserves the right to disregard any description or portion of a description that we deem inappropriate at our sole discretion.

Q: Can you tell me how soon I can expect the person I am looking for to join?

A: No, we can’t predict such things.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: There are no refunds, but you can discontinue yearly membership at any time for any reason. If you discontinue, you will not be billed again for the following year, only for the year in which you have paid.

Q: How do I discontinue membership?

A: Just email or message us and let us know you would like to do so, and we will send you confirmation that your membership has been discontinued.

Q: If I find someone through LRNGO Premium Membership who helps me achieve my lifelong goals, should I tell everyone about it?

A: Yes, please tell the whole world--or at least buy us a beer.