Three Reasons Why

3 fingersWelcome to 2014 everyone!  I know, better late than never. Clearly my New Year’s resolution is NOT to stop procrastinating.

No, instead I’ve decided that this year my New Year’s resolution is to collaborate more often and with more people.

Although I’ve been told that two heads are only better than one when they’re the “right heads,” exponentially speaking, I still believe that you have a better chance of getting the “right heads” if you have more of them.

I also believe that communities solve problems much better together than when everyone goes off and does their own thing, and you never know when a great idea or a new perspective can make all the difference.

Besides, sharing perspectives and information is even more appropriate in our case, given that collaboration and learning from each other is at the heart of both the Lrngo concept and our company culture.

So for this reason, I’ve decided to share a couple of speech excerpts and a bit of writing on what brought us to the conclusion of LRNGO, and why we believe in the learning exchange concept so strongly.

Three Reasons Why

My hope is that these speeches and writings will spark more discussion, debate, thought, awareness, and–wait for it…collaboration.

Feel free to offer your ideas, or even contact us directly if you are inspired to help further discussions on the learning exchange concept.  We would love to hear from you.

Here’s to a great 2014!

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