Investor Pitch Day

Start HoustonWe all know that deal flow, sector, size of investment & opportunity and other pre-qualifiers like market timing are considerations when making investments, but at the end of the day everyone knows that investors are usually betting on the team.

In fact, some investors believe that all team evaluation indicators can be broken down into just two categories: ability and character.

Founders and investors are dependent upon each other to effectively make a project work, so shouldn’t founders be evaluating in regards to whether investors are the right fit as well?

For example, I’ve been advised by investors who have seen MY REASONS to become profitable as a plus, and by others who have seen that mission as a minus on the same day.

In the end, as with most marketplace dynamics, isn’t it all about finding the right match?

This is why Daniel’s REVERSE PITCH EVENT is so cool, and the startup community should support it.

It doesn’t have to be simply a novelty or a promotional opportunity for the more popular investors in town.

Rather, it can be an opportunity for both sides to discuss how we evaluate compatibility beyond initial qualifiers, and what the right fit really means to optimizing success.

In my view, this is a very understudied area and it shouldn’t be.

I’m looking forward to this event.

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