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Personalized Photo Gifts
Holidays or birthdays coming up? Some personalized photo gifts can make a great present! They are meaningful and will remind the recipient of some special people or times they have had. Personalizing your photos before giving them will turn any photo into the perfect gift. You can alter the photo in many ways, adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness.

Your personalized photos can be cropped and edited to get rid of parts that are unwanted or unneeded, such as extra people or excess background. If the subject of your photo is off-center, you can get that fixed as well. Red-eye can be taken out of the pictures so you don't look like demons. You can also use the auto-contrast tool to enhance the hues of the photo and make it look spectacular.

On, you can enhance your photos in other interesting ways. You can add tints to the picture such as sepia, and borders for various occasions. There are picture borde...

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