Creamic Set-up
Ceramics Terms and Phrases to Know
We see ceramic creations all the time—they are everywhere, all around us. They are so much a part of our everyday lives, in fact, that we tend to take them for granted, hardly giving them a second thought or glance. Ceramics instructors, collectors and creators know better, though. Where we see humble pots, they see exquisite creations of art; where we see bathroom accessories, they see luxurious home décor; where we see kitchen tiles, they see both practicality and beauty in one glorious package; where we see a vase, they see thousands of years of culture.

It is surprising to find out how many things we use and see on a daily basis that are, in fact, made from ceramics. Ceramics instructors can help you to identify these quality products, as well as tell you how they were made and what they are used for. For example, ceramics are not just dainty tea cups and tea pots; there are industrial ceramics products such as ceramic insulators which are very strong under compression, and are used in the cylinders of modern auto engines. This is just one of the amazing facts ceramics instructors can teach you.

You might think that ceramics instructors are few and far between, but in actuality, ceramics instructors are in high demand due to the sheer amount of products made with ceramics that we find all around us.

Ceramics instructors often have personal experience in creating or producing ceramics products and designs themselves, which makes them perfect for passing on this valuable information and knowledge. They have not simply gathered their data from stale books, but have their own experiences to back it up with. This is a very important aspect for not only ceramics instructors, but teachers of all kinds.

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Apple Computer with excel 1.0 for Macintosh screenshot 1985
A List of the Oldest Currently Registered Internet Domain Names
Do you love the internet? Today, most people do, whether they admit it or not. The internet is one of the most important inventions of our era, and this time will forever be remembered as the time when the world became completely connected. People on one side of the world can communicate instantly with those on the other side – what would people two hundred years ago have thought about this? The internet is a historic artifact with its own rich history, and a big part of that history is the web sites that have been on the internet. This is a list of the oldest currently-registered internet domain names.

  • – registered January 1st, 1985. This belongs to a computer network group across the Nordic countries that focuses on research and education. The members are Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.
  • – registered March 15th, 1985. This is the oldest .com domain name in the world, and used to be involved with computer research and technology. It is now owned by Investments.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. This is a company that researches and develops high-end technologies. It was instrumental in the creation of the internet, and a noteworthy member on the list of the oldest currently-registered internet domain names.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. This is for the University of California at Berkeley, and it is the first school on our list of the oldest currently-registered internet domain names.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. This is for the Carnegie Mellon University, a private research school.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. For Purdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana. This is part of the Purdue University system, one of the most prestigious academic systems on the list of the oldest currently-registered internet domain names.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. This is the domain name for Rice University of Houston, Texas. This is another private research college, and it is one of the most respected on the list of the oldest currently-registered internet domain names.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. The University of California, Los Angeles claimed this domain name. The school was founded in 1919 and is one of the oldest campuses in California.
  • – registered April 24th, 1985. For Rutgers State University of New Jersey. This is the largest school in the state.
  • – registered May 24th, 1985. Claimed by the Thinking Machines Corporation, a supercomputer manufacturer. Their motto was “We're building a machine that will be proud of us.”
Well that tops off the list of the oldest currently-registered internet domain names. These are some of the domain names that were there for the start of the internet, and are historical objects in their own right. Visiting the oldest sites currently on the web is like taking a trip through a virtual museum, and can bring about an interesting new appreciation of the internet.

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Dirty Air Duct
Cleaning Air Ducts in House
There is some debate over the usefulness of cleaning out the air ducts throughout your home. While there is no real evidence proving that regularly cleaning air ducts in house and home will prevent any health problems, many people notice the dirt and particle build-up in their air ducts and worry for their safety. There is no recognized need to clean your air ducts because of these particles, but there are some cases in which cleaning air ducts in the house will be the right thing to do.

If you ever notice any vermin such as insects, rodents, or other animals in your air ducts, you should have your ducts cleaned very soon. Animals will excrete, die, and leave other waste in your ducts, the fumes of which you will be inhaling. Dead animals will also stink up your house. If you ever notice any critters in your ducts, take action quickly because a few insects may grow into a large infestation very fast.

Similarly, if you ever notice any mold, you should focus on cleaning air ducts in house rather quickly because it can be unhealthy. Mold can grow in any area that is dark and gets damp. If you remove the mold but do not correct the conditions that caused the area to get wet, the mold will reappear again and again. Any section of your ducts that get wet or moldy and cannot be cleaned will probably need to be replaced. If you find something that you think is mold but aren't sure, you can send a sample to a microbiology laboratory that will analyze it for you.

Generally, the dust and dirt in your air ducts will stay where it is. However, if you ever notice any dirt, dust, or other particles being released into your home from your registers then cleaning air ducts in house will be a good idea. You may only notice that your registers are clogged with dust – they should be cleaned in this case as well. Visible particles coming out of your registers can be a respiratory hazard.

It is normal for air ducts to get dusty and dirty. Usually this debris will stay where it is, on the sides of the ducts. This is no cause for alarm, and there have never been any proven dangers from this normal build up. You can minimize the chances of a blockage and excess dirt by making sure the intake area of your heating and cooling system is free of dust and debris. Preventing water from entering the system will reduce the chances of any mold growing as well.

Cleaning air ducts in the house can be quite expensive, ranging from $500 - $1000 dollars per heating and cooling system, depending on the size. This is usually done by dislodging the debris and then vacuuming the ducts. Be sure to have the entire system cleaned, because an uncleaned contamination in one area will spread to the rest of the system. Dirty air ducts can sometimes cause allergies and unexplained illnesses, but if you do not suffer from these or notice any of the major problems mentioned above, you probably do not need to clean your air ducts.

Ball of Yarn
How to find Knitting Classes and Lessons
Knitting isn’t just an old lady thing anymore, as thousands of people from all different kinds of age groups, cultures, and walks of life are finding out. Knitting can be a great way to channel your creativity and give you a sense of accomplishment, not to mention relax and soothe your nerves. Many people are becoming increasingly interested in knitting lessons, men and women alike, and are searching out venues, knitting groups, teachers, and fellow knitters who can help develop and share their passion.

Knitting lessons are actually relatively easy to find if you know where to look. One of the first places anyone should look for knitting classes is in a craft shop or location dedicated to crocheting and knitting. A yarn store or similar establishment will often organize weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly knitting classes for its regular patrons, but usually anyone can sign up. The classes provide those interested in knitting lessons a great place to meet other knitters and share tips, tricks, and techniques.

Another great way to find knitting lessons is to look in classifieds, whether online or in the local newspaper. Among the ads listed there, you can find dozens of options ranging from organized group lessons to one on one knitting sessions to simple gathering of fellow knitters. You can even post an ad for yourself stating your interest, and knitting lessons will come to you.

You can also search your local Meetup groups on to see if there are any groups in your area dedicated to knitting, sewing and crocheting. Many amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts come together in these groups to learn and teach knitting from each other. Most people will probably feel most comfortable learning knitting from someone in person as it is easier to show, teach and learn techniques when you are sitting right next to the other person.

Finally, if you feel you’re not ready for a whole class, and just want to learn the basics by yourself, a great way to do that is to find knitting lessons online. The best two methods of learning knitting online are by watching videos and visiting knitting sites. You can find many videos dedicated to knitting instruction on or other popular video sites. Sites geared to knitting lessons may also have videos as well, not to mention tutorials with pictures and step by step instructions.

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Game of Sorry
How to get Better at Board Games and Cards
There is so much fun and enjoyment to be had through the media of card games as well as board games, alone or with family. There is so much flexibility and so many options created by top board game designers that it would be hard to run out of fun to have with board games and cards. Therefore, improving in this field is very useful for good old fashioned family enjoyment and entertainment.

However, beyond applications of simply fun (and games), you may find that board games can also exercise your brain. The Mensa Society (a group that only includes members of the highest IQ) has a yearly list of top games upon which it bestows its Mensa select award – an award of the highest honor. In fact, some who do not desire to master any one particular game may use board games as an exercise in adaptation by learning a new game at each sitting and seeing how long it takes them to best their more familiarized opponents. Board game designers and card game creators have given you the opportunities needed to enhance your performance in these fields.

Along these lines, board game designers have taken great care to write the manuals to the many thousands of games there are available. These themselves will teach you the basics of each game and teach you a few of the simple tips and tricks available to learn. Playing experience is something board game designers also factored into the learning process, as over half of being proficient at a given process is always practice. Most people, however, will need to play board games while reading board game designers manuals and tips multiple times to learn how best to play, and then develop intuition in the field.

Card games are also very teachable. Working with a professional to learn top card games such as Blackjack, Poker, 3 Card Monte, Rummy or many virtual thousands of others is an excellent idea. Many of these games are supposed to work off of “what the dealer hands you,” but as you will learn by taking a course or working with a professional, card games can involve a lot of strategy. Learning to read people, developing intuition, and a strategy that works for you will often come with time and practice. There is no remedy but just doing it.

Board game designers as well as card game specialists have made these games to be fun and competitive, and as you research, learn and practice, you will grow and become better. Who knows, someday you, too, may be inspired and become a board game designer or real card hand yourself.

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