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How to Pass the HSE Test
The simple fact is that not everybody has the ability, or the possibility, or the desire to follow a full-scale High School program, and thereby receive a High School diploma. For this reason, an HSE test, or High School Equivalency test, could be just the solution to the issue.

Some well-known HSE tests include the General Educational Development (GED) and the California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE), but many High Schools are beginning to offer HSE tests and diplomas to foreign students, home-schoolers, special-needs students, drop-outs, etc. If you are contemplating going for anHSE test, your first necessary action should be to closely research your options. Find out what tests are available, which one will work best for you, and what its requirements and stipulations are. If you are planning to use your High School equivalent certificate to get into college, and you're thinking of taking a course other than the GED or CHSPE, make sure that the HSE test you're considering is backed by all the official and proper credentials, to avoid it getting turned down by some college review panel.

As with most other tests, a high score on your HSE test can make a big difference in your future studies and career; therefore it is advisable to invest whatever is necessary in terms of time and capital towards getting good test prep. Self-discipline and a good study program are essential, too, and cannot be disregarded if you're serious about getting a High School equivalency diploma.

If you've lacked formal schooling, and consequently feel nervous or worried that you won't pass your HSE test, the best advice we can offer you is to have courage, study all you can in preparation for the test, and then relax and do your best. And if you take the test and fail, you've gained something valuable, anyway: the knowledge of where your weaknesses lie. Knowing what your lacks are will help you sharpen your study skills and knowledge base, so that the next time around you'll be better prepared to pass the test with high scores.

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Car Accident from Flood
List of Accidents and Disasters by Death
The most disturbing thing about looking at a list of accidents and disasters by death toll, is that you won’t find terrorism, unnecessary war, western colonialism, human enhanced climate change, or resource grabs on most of them. What’s that about? Where has everyone been living for the last thirty years? This article is meant to shed a little light on the things that should be included in any serious list of accidents and disasters by death toll. Readers should keep them in mind when browsing lists.

The American Medical Industry

The fact of the matter is that death as a result of the medical industry in the US is unbelievably common. From misdiagnosis to contracting diseases and getting addicted to pharmaceutical drugs, the list is a mile long. Pharmaceutical companies have been inflicting a hidden holocaust on the people of America. Their drugs hook people, turn them into addicts, and flow on the streets like a heavy flood. Their toxins can be found in the ground water, top soil, and around US shores. Why aren’t they on the typical list of accidents and disasters by death toll?

Western Colonialism

Forget car accidents, airplane crashes, mining explosions, and smoking - the US war empire has become the dominate predator of humanity. If any nation of Earth doesn’t have nuclear weapons or smart enough leaders to stay away from the World Bank, they’re doomed. Millions perished in Iraq, and millions more are going to. Once the military comes in to take resources, they stay there. In fact, the US built a base in Iraq that is the size of, if not bigger than, Vatican City.


It comes in many forms, and through countless avenues, and yet it’s not found on the typical list of accidents and disasters by death toll yet. The US created terrorism, perfected it, and sells it like a high priced commodity. Nation building, false flag events, regime changes, and fomenting social disturbance are disciplines within the shadow government. Tax payers are forced to pump more money into the military complex than their own school system. A complex which is already more funded than most other industrialized countries combined.

Climate Change

It’s hard to know what’s what with something as vast as climate change. How many people on Earth are perishing because of it though? How many people are perishing because of increased high intensity storms, flooding, and all else? The recent unprecedented drought that’s still going on in America now will cost countless lives from hunger. In many respects, climate change is going to be the top cause of death on most lists.

Whatever the reason is behind someone hunting down these lists, a more grand perspective is needed in order to have a bird’s eye view of the dangers out there today. Airplanes are getting safer, and cars that drive themselves are already appearing. The real dangers that lurk in society are like the ones briefly discussed above. Keep them in mind when viewing a list of accidents and disasters by death toll, because without them it’s far less realistic.

Spanish tutoring at Tulane University in New Orleans NOLA TU
Classified Listing for Tutors in Academics
For many people, the first place to look for tutor classifieds is in their local yellow pages. This is a viable option for finding the best tutors in your area; however an often overlooked venue for tutor classifieds are online listings and online yellow pages, which are much more up to date and easier to access.

Websites such as, Craigslist, Mytutorlist, Localtutorforum, Towerofenglish and many others can be extremely useful in finding listings of all sorts, including locating the best tutors for you or your child. These offer free accounts from which you can post your tuition needs and get responses from the best tutors in your area.

On the flipside, if you are teacher and looking to advertise your skills and get some work tutoring, a good first step is to post your qualifications, backgrounds and fees in these types of tutor classifieds online. This should get you numerous responses within the shortest timeframe possible.

There are of course, tutor classifieds you can find in the traditional way, such as your local newspaper or magazines which advertise local businesses and services. These tutor classifieds are still an essential service to areas, businesses or individuals that are not yet attuned to the web as a resource. So, when either posting or searching tutor classifieds, it is well worth your while to do both.

Tutor Classifieds will offer tutors for those wishing to learn or perfect a second language. English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Russian, Polish, Korean, Greek and Portuguese are some of the most common, but there are many more available.

Also listed on tutor classifieds is tutoring available on subjects such as: music, singing, driving, art, humanities, social studies, mathematics, physics, religion, history, graphics, IT, philosophy, computer science, and many more academic topics.

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Indians Hunting Bulls
Can You Feed Buffalo Carrots?
Once upon a time they were perhaps the most plentiful and majestic creatures in North America, but now people see them from behind a fence. Tourists in the Dakota Territory regularly ask their guides the most common question; “Can you feed buffalo carrots?”, because they’re so used to seeing horses behind the same type of wire. What these people don’t realize is that they are looking at an animal that was humanity’s salvation.

The answer is yes, they can be fed carrots. In fact, there are videos on YouTube of children playfully doing just that. The creature’s long tongue, made for plowing the plains like a lawnmower, reaches out hungrily; but one might say it is a shame. The question is not "can you," but "should you." The question, “Can you feed buffalo carrots?” brings to mind the demise of western culture in relation to the indigenous tribes that coexisted peacefully with the bison for countless generations.

To answer the actual question, let’s first investigate the animal’s traditional diet. Since the last ice age, these animals have fed on the prairie grasses, or those that sprout up in the forest lands of Canada. They are devourers of sunlight energy through natural carbohydrates. However in this era, those that are raised in a ranch style environment are fed like cattle with grain, alfalfa pellets, hay during the wintery months, or cubes for a sugary snack.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, all of the westward expansion and technological progression has made it so that the closest people can get to the wild version of these ancient animals is a sloppy bowl of wings in hot sauce. The question begs to be asked, how would the American continent look if Europeans never showed up? Would the indigenous tribes have technologically progressed into their own manufacturing and technological revolutions?

Rather than people asking, “Can you feed buffalo carrots?” would they still be learning the ancient ways of how to turn one single animal into supplies and food stores to support a family for a month? If modern culture collapses under the pressure of industrial nations, climate change, and 7 billion humans, how will people survive? They know nothing about what it means to live off the true bounty of nature, or to respect animals like the bison as the gifts that it brings.

Buffalo are relics of a time when humanity and nature lived in accord, and there was at least a semblance of equilibrium. Their kind and the protein in their flesh made it possible for homosapiens to survive through tens of thousands of years of harsh evolution. Their pictures are hand painted on cave walls from ancestors that lived hundreds of thousands of years ago, and now they’re stuck in small herds behind man made fences on cordoned off tribal land.

“Can you feed buffalo carrots?” is a question asked by Americans who know nothing of their history, heritage, or ancestral birthrights. They don’t know the true origin of the animal anymore than when they take a trip to the zoo. Their minds are tattered, hazy from overuse, and over exposure to digitized entertainment. Nature is merely an idea; a concept to be discussed in online forums and used as a desktop background.

Teacher Teaching
You can be a TESOL Teacher
Working as a TESOL teacher can provide great income, and even travel. While it can be a demanding career, and does require skills above that of simply speaking English, many a TESOL teacher has found that it is a rewarding and fulfilling career.

If you decide that being a TESOL teacher is a career you want to pursue, you will need to begin to work towards certification. In this field you have to show skills from lesson planning to time management. Employment opportunities are available worldwide, and have a very wide range of possibilities. Your chances of finding the employment opportunities you seek are greatly improve if you are well qualified and have good certification.

Job opportunities for a TESOL teacher vary greatly depending on what type of job you are interested in, and if you want to teach children or adults, and where in the world you are interested in teaching. If you prefer teaching children in a school setting you will also have to show that you are skilled in working with children, and can control a classroom. If you pursue teaching on a corporate level, you may have to show different certifications.

The travel opportunities for a TESOL teacher are literally limitless. Nearly every country in the world offers employment opportunities. Some countries have higher requirements than others. You can begin your career in a country where the requirements for certification are fairly minimal, and then continue building your resume until you are well qualified for nearly any job you are interested in.

There are various routes to obtaining the training you need for this line of work. You can earn your BA or Masters in Language or Education, or you can obtain certification by with a private institute. Becoming a TESOL teacher offers a challenging and exciting career.

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