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Grade 11 teacher teaches English to her students

6 Steps to Find an ESL EFL Job Now

Getting work as an English teacher or tutor like any other job is a numbers game. Want to optimize your chances? Here's what we recommend.

  1. Create a profile on LRNGO, and any other free job listing site. Remember it’s a numbers game, so you have to put yourself out there.

  2. Add a picture that looks friendly and upload your resume to your LRNGO profile. You don’t have to list your personal information or life story on your resume, but put as much information as you are comfortable with.

  3. Ok you have a resume and your LRNGO profile looks good, now you need a video on YouTube (or Vimeo). I would recommend that you make two if possible: one where you introduce yourself and talk about your qualifications and say that you are looking for work (think of it as a video resume), and one that is a free English lesson for beginners to show a sample of your teaching. (You can find many instructional videos for English on YouTube to see what videos like this are like.) These videos don't need to be high quality, they just have to show you in a way that is friendly and professional so that people can see you are someone they would want to hire. After your video (or videos) are up and running on YouTube, then login to Edit your LRNGO profile and add your video link into your LRNGO profile in Step Three. This will automatically add a play button on your LRNGO profile, and everyone who comes to your profile will now be able to not only download your resume, but also instantly click the play button to see your video.

  4. After you have a video play button on your profile, then look through the jobs list on LRNGO and see if there is anything you want. Then contact them and send them a link to your LRNGO profile.

  5. Go to Facebook and find pages for schools worldwide where you would be interested in working that teach English. Post a response to any recent post on their page mentioning that you are available with a link to your LRNGO profile. Your profile picture should show in the post.

  6. Share your LRNGO profile with all your friends on their Facebook pages and let them know you’re available and looking for opportunities. They could know someone who knows someone who will see your profile and offer you a teaching or tutoring job, or potential students and clients who want to improve their English may see your profile and want to hire you.

Please remember to check credentials of schools to make sure they are real and have a good reputation, and beware of scams. Job posting websites have no way to know whether all school job listings are legitimate, so once you are seriously considering taking a job, do some research before accepting. Here is some more good information on this:

Remember, luck doesn’t usually just happen without increasing your chances. Does one lottery ticket cost the same as ten? No, because you now have ten opportunities. Same thing with jobs. The secret is creating a free “calling card” that represents you well (ie: your LRNGO profile), then getting it in the hands of as many potential employers, clients and students as possible.

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