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International Student Friendly US Universities

Interested in studying in the US and don’t know where to go? With thousands of universities to choose from, the seemingly endless options can bewilder a person beyond rational decision making capability. When you’re stuck in a zombie-like trance it may appear that the twirling tunnel erupting with cascades of educational recommendations, financial information, and application requirements is never ending. If this has happened to you, or if you know someone who has been affected by this decision-making-dilemma, read further. Symptoms may include headache, irritability, and trouble sleeping.

Some universities offer various programs or grants to accommodate international students based on a specific path of study, like the medical field for example, but here, in hopes to cure your confusion, we take a look at a more general course of study. The universities listed below generate appeal to international students based on tuition and institutional grants/scholarships and the acceptance rate of international students.

Average Out of State Tuition
Tuition with Institutional Grants / Scholarships
Percent of International Students

While this chart only compares 10 international student friendly universities, has comprised a list of 50 US schools to compare tuition and international student percentages. Each school also offers unique initiatives to welcome international students, and more information can be found on the specified university website.

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