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Learn Business English Vocabulary

The business world has its own set of vocabulary.. Knowing business terminology is crucial for understanding your work, communicating with other business professionals, and being successful in work and business. If you are looking to learn or brush up your skills on business English, here are the top websites online for you to use.

  1. Business English Site -
    This site provides lessons and activities regarding business related vocabulary at a variety of skill levels. The categories include general business terms, sales & marketing, informational technology, medical English, and much more. The content on this site was created by people with years of corporate experience. Along with the lessons, the site provides business English grammar quizzes, listening comprehension tests, and reading comprehension tests.

  2. English Club -
    This page provides lists of the most common words and phrases in many different areas of business. The business categories include advertising, banking, employment, insurance, law, marketing, money, and much more. Each list provides related vocabulary and definitions for each topic. In addition to business vocabulary, the website offers help in business letters, business presentations, resumes, and cover letters.

  3. Learn English Today -
    This website has the appropriate tools and resources to help you learn and practice business vocabulary. Activities and exercises include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and word games such as crossword puzzles and word searches. Learn English Today also offers detailed explanations and examples of different kinds of idioms such as business-work idioms, efficiency idioms, employment-job idioms, money idioms, success-failure idioms, etc.

  4. Video Vocab TV -
    This site offers video lessons teaching vocabulary for business. The topics covered include accounting and finance, economics, law and legal, management, sales and marketing, and more. The videos are thorough and easy to understand. The narrators give words, definitions, and examples which are also written on the slides for easy viewing and studying.

  5. Business English Vocabulary Exercise -
    This link offers a variety of business English terminology exercises. The topics the site focuses on include business expressions, business idioms, business vocabulary, useful expressions, workplaces, etc. Exercises range from multiple choice quizzes to matching words and definitions.

  6. BBC Learning English – Talking Business
    BBC Talking Business will probably be the most helpful website in regards to learning how to talk business. The goal of the site is to have students improve their spoken English communication skills in different business situations. The page is broken down into the modules of telephone, meetings, presentations, and negotiations. Each module has different topics which are separated into think, listen, check understanding, and practice sections. While “think" gives you a scenario, “listen" gives you the opportunity to listen to different conversations that correlate to the scenario. “Check understanding" shows you the script of the conversation and “practice" allows you to test yourself of the audio with a quiz. Utilizing this site is a great way to learn the different aspects of English business and practice your skills in business-like scenarios.

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