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College Cliff Notes

College Cliff Notes have become known as short summaries of books. There are often summaries of each chapter and sometimes of important pages. Key ideas of the chapter are also sometimes included, as are important people and events. College cliff notes are very valuable to many students who feel that they don't have the time to read everything that they are supposed to. Life in college can be quite hectic and busy, and schoolwork isn't always on top of the priority list.

The cliff notes phenomenon was made popular by This site has hundreds of helpful summaries of books. This is a college cliff notes site, so most of the books are of the type that students are likely to read. You are almost certain to find cliff notes for any book you need to read for school. This site offers detailed (but not too detailed) summaries of each chapter in the book, as well as an overview of the entire book. There is a character list and analysis, and sometimes a visual map of the relationships between the characters.

You will also find some interesting college cliff notes and information on this site relating to the book and its historical context. If it is available, there might be a biography of the author. Some related essays might be listed as well. These might be about the book, the author, or the context that the book was written in. College cliff notes like these are extremely useful because there is even help for students who will be tested on the material. There might be a practice quiz, some possible test questions, and practice assignments and projects.

Many other sites have popped up that offer college cliff notes such as This site is quite similar to the previous one, but there are some interesting differences. Spark Notes offers an analysis of the themes and symbols in the book. There are also explanations of the most important quotations and a list of the key facts of the book. Suggestions for other books and readings that you might be interested in are also offered.

If you are looking for a lower-level version of college cliff notes, Pink is a good place to go. This site is designed in part for junior high and high school students. There are many fairly in-depth but easy to understand literary reviews and summaries of many books. Many literary elements are picked out and examined such as irony and foreshadowing. There are notes on style and how the book starts out, climaxes, and ends.

This site also offers many resources to help you read and study. Some are for students, but there are also several for teachers as well. This could be especially helpful for parents who homeschool their children. There is a comprehensive plan for learning how to study and make the most out of your education.

As you can see, there are many options out there for college cliff notes. You can find practically any book you need help with on these sites. If you have tried them all but still can't find what you need, you can try a simple Google or Yahoo! search for the book.

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