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English Sinhala Lessons

Sinhala is the native language of the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka whose populations makes up about 75% of the total Sri Lankan population. If you hear Sri Lanka calling your name, are looking to live or work there, or are just interested in travelling there, consider learning some Sinhala to give you a stronger foundation on which to communicate with others and get a better understanding of the culture. There a plenty of opportunities for you to learn Sinhala, so getting the practice and help you need in order to be successful will be no problem with these resources.

These are all well-rounded sites filled with information on learning Sinhala, ranging from actual classes to book and app recommendations. Start exploring what each one has to offer and find out which is right for you, or use resources from all of them to get the most out of the web’s Sinhala resources.

Learn Sinhala is a great place to get exposed to vocabulary lists, flashcards, and videos designed to advance your learning. The site is easy to navigate and offers valuable information on classes, dictionaries, and apps that you may find useful.

Lazy But Smart Sinhala offers videos, phrasebooks, podcasts, flash cards, and a blog that will help you on your journey to get a better grip on the language. You can take a look at the videos and podcasts on the YouTube site, which feature listening practice, grammar lessons, and vocabulary building. The site is funny, engaging, and helpful, but is admittedly not made for everyone. The site states that it’s for those of you interested in Sinhala but don’t wish to become an expert in speaking it or learn how to write it. Even if you do consider yourself a more serious learner, this site can be used as a useful supplement, especially for the basics.

My Languages offers tons of useful tools for learning Sinhala and a variety of other languages. You’ll find all the resources you’ll need to start diving into the language, beginning with the basics and working your way up to live radio broadcasts in Sinhala to practice your listening comprehension.

Language Exchange
One of the best ways to learn a new language is through language exchange. The idea is that instead of paying a tutor to teach you, why not teach each other for free? Partner up with a native speaker who is interested in learning English and help guide each other through the finer details of the language. Sites like LRNGO help you connect with people all over the world so that you can stretch your lessons from across the globe via video chat or keep it local by connecting with a partner near you. The site is free to sign up for and use and has users in 5,000 cities in 205 countries worldwide,, so get searching for a Sinhala speaker to partner with!

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