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Best English Grammar Exercises Online

Practice makes perfect, and that includes practicing your English grammar! Learning comes in all shapes and sizes; my personal method is to review, test, and then study my mistakes and why I made them. Whether this is how you learn best or you’re looking for supplements to other learning strategies, working with English grammar exercises will help you get a better understanding of the progress you’ve been making and can help you identify areas that require more work. There tons of English grammar exercises online, some of the best ones being right here.

Learn English Feel Good is home to a variety of helpful exercises, from basic grammar implementation to more advanced challenges that focus on words even English speakers find tricky (like ‘allusion’ vs. ‘illusion’) and other areas of difficulty.

Agenda Web not only offers a long list of grammar exercises, but also listening, reading, and video activities to help you get a well-rounded studying experience.

English Grammar Online specializes in verb tenses. Finding those difficult? You’re not alone, and these exercises can help.

A sentence is given to you, broken down, with verbs unconjugated. You are given a tense, and it is up to you to conjugate the verb and form the sentence properly.

The exercises are divided by tense and level, so no matter what you’re studying or how familiar you are with the tense, you’ll be able to find a practice that fits for you. offers all kinds of English grammar exercises that vary from multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank. Articles, adjectives, adverbs—oh my! You’ll find all those and more here.

Speak Speak divides exercises into three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced, so that you can focus on exercises that are within your skill level.

English For You offers quiz-like exercises and gives you the option of focusing on a specific verb tense or, if you’re up for the challenge, you can work on exercises that mix tenses, helping you understand when to implement different tenses as you would in real-world situations.

Learn English Today is home to exercises within a variety of English grammar areas, including business English and word challenges.

First English divides exercises into English levels 1-4 and offers traditional exercises as well as online crosswords and printable worksheets.

Perfect English Grammar not only gives you access to some awesome grammar exercises, but also videos, PDFs, and lessons to help you with your studies.

Learn English Teens is full of useful listening and reading comprehension exercises as well as writing exercises, as well as exams and helpful videos. Don’t let the site’s name turn you away, though aimed at teens looking to learn English, this site is fun and helpful for all.

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