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Teaching English Online: Working in Your Pajamas

Hands up, stretch them high toward the ceiling as your mouth opens wide to release the last remnants of sleep. Getting up and out of bed, you take a leisurely walk toward the kitchen. First cup of coffee awakens the busy body residing underneath a fog-filled layer of sleep- today is going to be a big day. As you become more focused, a list of today's tasks shuffle around in your mind begging to be completed. Scampering back to your room to prepare for today you suddenly remember, no need for an outfit selection, you don’t even have to brush your teeth, you’re working from home today.

The home office- the only place where pajama pants are on-trend, you can put your feet on the desk, checking your cell phone doesn’t come with any sideways glances, and coffee and snacks are endlessly at your fingertip. Working from home does seem to have its perks when compared to the time spent on the road stuck in traffic to arrive at work only to be greeted by the mundane office humdrum and then stuffed into a cubicle (otherwise known as the place where the sun doesn’t shine.)

The opportunity at hand, quite literally with a few clicks and keystrokes, is to teach an English course online. Students, visitors, world travelers, new citizens and immigrants have the desire to learn English. If you have the knowledge, patience, commitment, time and reliability to be an English teacher, LRNGO houses the prosperous opportunity to connect teacher and student around the world in a free learning exchange as well as connecting people looking to make money by teaching with people willing to spend money to learn. This social-media-esque site welcomes people to “Join the Social Learning Revolution” and serves as a free link for people who can learn from each other’s cultivated skills; with the option of learning via face-to-face video chat or in person if necessary.

The appeal for online teachers is dwelling in the heart of students who also don’t want to leave the comfort of the couch, where coffee stains and crumb collections can remain unseen by the outside world. English courses online are being sought after by a multi-cultural, diverse student body with one thing in common; their desire to rock pajama pants and messy hairdos, the definition of business on the brain, party... everywhere else.

As a student seeking to learn English, many courses are also available through avenues like:

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