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ESL Library Suggestions

Libraries are great public resources that allow you free access to an endless number of valuable tools. Think of the opportunities that come with the word free. All you need is time and dedication, and libraries provide the rest.

English can be learned by anyone who commits to it, and you don’t need to empty your pockets to pay for classes either. Think of this article as your ESL library guide, helping you locate the best resources for learning English without spending a dime.

Language Exchange
If you haven’t heard of this gem of an idea, pay attention. Why should you pay for a tutor if you can get that one-on-one English help for free? The idea is that everyone has valuable skills that they can teach others. Head to LRNGO and find an English-speaking partner interested in learning your native language and take turns giving each other lessons. Not only will you have an invaluable guide throughout your learning process, but you will also form a new relationship that will bring you closer to the culture.

You will find a ton of great ESL teaching sites on YouTube, all specializing in different aspects of the language, all completely free. You’ll find that YouTube is swimming with people who aim to bring free English lessons to the world. EngVid puts out some great lessons from conversation to grammar, and that doesn’t end the list of resources on YouTube.

Online Exercises
It is essential that you test your progress, and free online exercises are the perfect place to do that. Sites like the Frankfurt International School and Using English play host to long lists of exercises and quizzes to supplement your studies.

If you plan on visiting an actual library, why not check out some novels or children’s books in English? Depending on your skill level, start with acclaimed children’s literature like Charlotte’s Web and move onto some good beginner novels aimed at adults such as Animal Farm or Of Mice and Men, and the Diary of Anne Frank.

How much time do you spend in the car, working out, or cleaning the house? Probably more than you’d like to. That time can be beneficial to your English learning, and podcasts are the way to do it. Depending on your skill level, there are podcasts designed for learners such as Better English or interesting podcasts made for English speakers that will help you get accustomed to listening to the language such the Moth and HereBeMonsters. Learning English is all about practice. There is no need to spend money on classes when you have a library of resources waiting for you to make use of. So go ahead, explore learning English for free and see where it takes you.

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