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ESL Grammar Lessons and Worksheets Online

Knowing how to use English grammar is essential for mastering the English language. The grammar aspects of a language consist of tenses, morphology, sentence structure, semantics, and phonology. Knowledge of these components is necessary to be able to read, write, and speak English or any language for that matter. The easiest and most cost efficient way to learn English grammar is through using online resources and by practicing. The following sites are the best resources online for English grammar lessons and worksheets.

  1. EngVid -
    EngVid is a site that has over 700 video lessons dedicated to teaching all aspects of the English language including grammar. The topics of these videos include everything from prepositions to punctuations. A good feature about this site is that each video is ranked beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This way you can pick videos and learn topics at a level you are comfortable at. In addition, there are 10 teachers to choose from so you can select the teacher you like best. The site also includes quizzes with each video so you are able to test yourself on what you have just learned.

  2. Dave’s ESL Café -
    Dave’s ESL Café presents numerous online grammar lessons. These lessons cover advanced grammar topics such as adjective clauses, conditional sentences, figurative expressions, modal verbs, and more. The grammar lessons the site provides are comprehensive and detailed containing well-written explanations of each topic and related examples. This site is ideal for students who can self-teach and learn easily through reading.

  3. Anglo-Link -
    Anglo-Link is a YouTube channel that provides multiple online video lessons. The lessons are ranked at different skill set levels and cover a variety of grammar topics. The video lessons are clear, easy to understand, and mostly over 10 minutes long. Each video contains a link for practice exercises pertaining to the lesson. This site will work best for students who are visual and auditory learners.

  4. - is a very resourceful site for students who are learning English as a second language. The site provides tons of free worksheets and exercises on many different grammar topics such as articles, comparatives & superlatives, conditionals, conjunctions, etc. The site allows you to practice the exercises online or print them out.

  5. E-grammar -
    E-grammar offers a number of printable PDF English grammar worksheets. A majority of the topics on this site focus on English tenses and verb forms, subjects that may require more practice for ESL learners. The worksheets are presented in a variety of formats such as fill-in-the-gap, matching, or multiple choice. The site also provides multiple diagnostic tests so you are able to test yourself and see what areas you may need to work on for each topic.

  6. English for Everyone -
    English for Everyone is a site that contains hundreds of printable English worksheets. Students of all ages from children to adult will benefit from the content on this site. This webpage provides a variety of worksheets including quizzes, crossword puzzles, word searches, and more. This site is also a great resource for ESL/EFL teachers in need of practice worksheets for their students.

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