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Yellow Pages Obsolete Phonebook

Need to Look up People's Names in the USA?

Do you still use a phonebook? Don't be embarrassed. If you'd like to make life a bit easier, you can look up people's names online instead of in a physical book. You can usually find everything you need to know and more about a person online. There are hundreds of sites out there that provide people search functions, some to a more or less extensive degree. With a quick search on a major search engine, you will be able to find many of these sites.

There is an online version of the White Pages that you may want to check out first. This service can be found at Here, you can look up somebody's name by typing in their phone number. You can also search by business category or name of business. When searching for a person by their phone number, you will need to pay a fee to this site. It will show you the type of phone it is, whether mobile or landline, and the city and county it is located in. However, the actual name of the person comes at a price.

Yahoo! also has a reverse phone number search to help you look up people's names, but this one is slightly different. Instead of bringing you directly to the results, this will search the internet for this phone number, and bring up some sites that can help you find it. You are basically using Yahoo! as a search engine for this phone number and hoping to find a name attached to it somewhere on the internet. It will also show you several other sites where you can look up the names of people. has a search engine that is slightly more elaborate than the previous ones. There are both free and paid services on this site. You can look up people names by either phone number or address. When looking up by phone number, you will be able to view the city and type of phone associated with that number for free.

For a price, you will be able to look up people's names and view detailed information about people either through their phone number or through their address. Using the phone number is much cheaper, at only $2.25. You will get the person's name, other cell phone numbers they might have, any unlisted numbers they might have, the name of their phone company, and more.

When trying to look up people's names with their address, you will get a much more extensive report. You will not only be able to view the names of the residents of the home, but you will also be able to see the ownership information for the house, property details, tax information, the value of the home, the names of the neighbors, satellite images of the home, and more. This is the more expensive option, at about twenty dollars. You can also receive information about any sex offenders who may live in the neighborhood, as well as the average size and property value of homes in that area.

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